Sarfraz sings mauka mauka with his fans after beating India

India Pakistan cricket rivalry is so world famous that it has become a phenomenon in itself. Wikipedia has one of the longest pages dedicated to it. While being on the losing side brings extreme humiliation and bucketfuls of anday tamatar, winning brings with it a tremendous amount of appreciation which is almost godly in its intensity. Today, however we are lucky to talk about the latter only.

The mauka mauka campaign was started in 2015, when India made an ad to mock Pakistan, pointing out that Pakistan had lost last six matches played against India. These words then became an entity of their own to taunt the losing team meaning that they lost their mauka or chance for winning, and will spend ages looking for the next mauka now.

After hearing our share of the very iconic mauka mauka for a long time, Pakistan finally had the sweet taste of a well deserved victory, beating India fair and square by 180 solid runs.

Hooray ???

Today our day has come.. our era has begun and Pakistani cricket fans have swarmed the team captain Sarfraz’s house and pulled him into their spirits of singing mauka mauka with them.. and as we all know, Sarfraz dhoka nai day ha, so he sings alongwith his fans because this is his mauka, so why not ??

Mehwish Mansoor