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Tvcs in Pakistani have come a long way along with the evolution of industry. There used to be very few advertisements but the quality was retained within those few ads. However now there is multitude of ads and quality is rarely given a thought by their makers. Tvcs have somehow become meaningless lately; they at times fail to convey the message for which they are intended. Generally they give the idea that solution to every problem lies in dancing, all the single girls are single because they are tan, all the savings are owed to cell phone companies (they give best and cheapest packages hence rest of the expenses completely vanishes) etc.

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Mobile networks invest millions of rupees in their advertisements but are they ads really worth the amount they spent? We seldom see a good cell phone Tvc perhaps because quantity is inversely proportional to quality. We’ve had some very good ads by Warid and Mobilink, Ufone had some of the best but over the years having similar ads by them has made it kind of annoying and monotonous, sometimes people don’t even realize the ads as new.

Tvcs of cellular companies are most of the time quite annoying, irrational and pointless but the recent few ads are beyond hopeless. The Telenor ad featuring Noor and Ahsan khan and another one feature Babrak Shah failed to impress and make a mark in any regard. telenor-mini-budget-tvcBabrak Shah in fact has never looked as repelling as he did in this ad. As for Ahsan khan should definitely think twice before working in another of telenor’s Tvc (this is his second). Rather in any other cell phone company as well, his Qmobile’s ad is equally annoying and meaningless, he should choose his projects wisely.

Qmobile perhaps spend maximum on their Tvcs keeping in view that they take highest paid actors and models in their ads e.g. Iman Ali, Fawad Khan, Faisal Qureshi, Mikaal, Imran Abbas, Sara Loren etc. and ironically their ads are least impressive.

According to a rough estimate, Indian cell phones companies usually have half budget as compared to Pakistani’s and they achieve their target to convey the message with double clarity. Sadly our mentality is still trapped in the point that we can sell things by dancing and singing instead of doing something constructive and creative.

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