Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Ali New HD Pictures from Their Nikah

Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Ali New HD Pictures from Their Nikah

Sahad’s wedding was the most anticipated event of the year. With the start of year news started revolving everywhere that Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Ali will be tying the knot this year. When the same question was asked from Ahad Raza Mir in an interview he considered it a rumor. But from the mid of February the pictures from the Dholki and Mayoun of Ahad and Sajal started revolving on the internet making Sahad’s fans excited about the big event that was ready to take place. And then Finally on 14 of March the news of Ahad and Sajal’s wedding broke the internet with their wedding pictures and videos. Initially not many pictures were shared on the internet. There were pictures captured from the simple mobile phones and later a few photographs from their wedding photo shoot was shared, but no one from the media industry was seen in those pictures. Everyone assumed that the Sahad’s wedding was an intimate function with only close family attending the event. But now some more pictures are on the internet from Sahad’s wedding featuring Zara Noor Abbas and Sadia Ghaffar, which means Sajal did not forget to invite her BFFs on her big day. Another special thing about these images is that Sajal Aly’s father is also in these pictures. Let’s have a look at these photographs:

Sajal Nik 1

Sajal Nik 2

Sajal Nik 3

Sajal Nik 4

Sajal Nik 5

Sajal Nik 6

Sajal Nik 7

Sajal Nik 8

Sajal Nik 9

Sajal Nik 10

Sajal Nik 11

Sajal Shadi 1

Sajal Shadi 2

Sajal Shadi 3

Sajal Shadi 4

Sajal Shadi 5

Sajal Shadi 6

Sajal Shadi 7

sajal1 2

sajal2 1

sajal3 1

sajal4 1

sajal5 1

sajal6 1

sajal7 1

sajal8 1

sajal9 1













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