Ahmad Ali Butt Asks LSA Jury to…

Ahmad Ali Butt is one of the most talented comedians and actors out there. Any award ceremony is incomplete without Ahmad Ali Butt’s presence and perfect comedic timing.

In the LSA Nominee Reveal 2016, Ahmad Ali Butt was nominated in the category of Best Actor for his performance in Jawani Phir Nahe Ani, but listen to this: Ahmad Ali Butt has asked LSA jury to remove his nomination. Talking to Express Tribune, Ahmad said, ”I am truly honoured and thankful to be nominated in the Best Actor category for my film Jawani Phir Nahi Aani. However, I believe that my role in the movie was of a supporting actor and not the main lead, where I have currently been nominated and therefore I have officially requested the team and the respected jury members at Lux Style Awards to look into this matter and move my nomination in the appropriate category of Best Supporting Actor.”

Ahmad Ali Butt has sent an email and Fareshteh Aslam who is in charge of LSA’s media management, spoke to Express Tribune about this, “I haven’t seen the email but I have heard that he has approached the jury. A committee reviews all the nominations after they have been announced anyway. So, if there has been any mistake, it will be rectified.”


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