Ahmed Ali Akbar Is Returning To Big Screen

Ahmed Ali Akbar is one of the few actors who won a huge fan following in a short span of time. He has appeared in numerous dramas including Mera Yaar Mila De, Phir Wohi Muhabbat and Guzarish. After appearing in Ho Mann Jahan and Karachi Se Lahore, he is now all set to star in Parchi opposite Hareem Farooq. Parchi will feature four leading men including Ali Rehman Khan and Usman Mukhtar and Ahmed Ali Akbar. Instep got in touch with Ahmed Ali Akbar and he described Parchi as a “situational comedy.”

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“I’ve known Imran for quite a while now and he spoke to me about the film sometime last year when they were developing the story,” he told Instep. “He then approached me when the concept was materialized. I went through the script and I really enjoyed it. I thought there was room for every character. I took a few months to make up my mind since I had to say no to a few other films and then I went ahead with it.”

“It doesn’t really matter anymore. The script and character are more important. I feel it’s just so much fun to carry a film with a bunch of talented actors instead of being the solo lead. Also, I’m going to bank on a trustworthy filmmaker and look at other aspects as well like promotion and what would be better for my career. I don’t want to be selfish and put in a catalyst because I want to take my time and do good projects.”

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“The producers were looking for somebody with a lot of energy, who could get into the character’s skin and make it real and relatable. It’s actually a very plain character and I’ve incorporated a lot of facets in it. It was a very important role on paper but I couldn’t see a fourth dimension to it, which after having discussed with my director, I added myself,” he noted. “It’s very subtle; I didn’t want to over-play the character like I did in Karachi Se Lahore so the situations are comical instead. I also love Azfar’s take on the script, it’s very fresh.”

“I was hesitant looking at a few recent releases. It’s a very ruthless and unforgiving industry, one bad move and you’re labeled that way,” he shared. “Janaan, for instance, proved that a film doesn’t rely on star power, but a powerful script. We need to ease our public into different genres sensibly and that’s where I see Imran having a very genuine approach to storytelling. All in all, I’m glad that Parchi landed in my lap.”

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“Television pays the bills but it can get very hectic. Also it doesn’t offer me the kind of stories I’d like to do,” he observed. “If it were up to me, I’d only stick to theatre and film because they’re more concentrated and focused on the plot. Every line exists because of a reason.”

The shooting of Parchi kicked off earlier this month. It is produced by Hareem Farooq along with Imran Kazmi and directed by Azfar Jaffri.

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