Ahsan Khan Continues His Mission To Serve Humanity

Ahsan Khan has taken his new year resolution very seriously till now. When this New Year started Ahsan Khan made a resolution to make a difference in people’s lives and do at least one kind deed every day. Ahsan Khan has been acting on this resolution in many different ways. Sometimes he is seen helping random people who are beggars and homeless on screen. He makes sure that he spends quality time with such people. The way he interacts with them makes it clear that he derives true pleasure out of doing these acts.

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Recently Ahsan Khan played an active role in setting up the Wall Of Kindness in Karachi. The concept of the Wall of Kindness started from Iran and it is quickly picking up in Pakistan too. It is a way to help the poor and needy. People leave what they want to give away on this wall of kindness and anyone who needs these things can come and take them.

Ahsan Khan also made a visit to the SOS village in Islamabad along with Resham. Ahsan Khan and Resham are also shooting together for their upcoming short film “”Kahani Ghoomti Hai”. Ahsan Khan believes that “The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer someone else up!” And he is acting on this belief with all his might. Ahsan Khan is also busy working on his film “Chupan Chupai”.

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This reel life hero is trying his best to turn into a real life hero and till now he has been doing a super job!