Ahsan Khan Talks About His Twin Brother

Ahsan Khan has amazed everyone with his acting skills. He has played a variety of characters in different dramas. Currently, he is hosting ‘Bol Nights with Ahsan Khan’.

Ahsan Khan Talks About His Twin BrotherAhsan Khan has been appointed as a CLF Goodwill Ambassador by the Children’s Literature Festival.

Khan is born in London into a family of five siblings: an elder brother, two elder sisters and a twin brother, Yasir Khan. He’s the only one to have gone into acting from his family.

Ahsan Khan Talks About His Twin BrotherIn an interview, Ahsan Khan shared how his twin brother gets angry when somebody approaches him and calls him Ahsan Khan.

Ahsan Khan Talks About His Twin BrotherOn asking upon ‘does your twin brother ever pretend to be you?’ Ahsan replied, “Not at all, my twin brother does not like this attention at all. He is like a normal, casual guy who lives in London, he does not live here. You know how kids-people are over there they are a little more straightforward kind of people. People here are usually a little bit courteous. So whenever someone approaches him and says, ‘Oh, you are Ahsan Khan, what are you doing here?’ He reacts in a very bad way. He asks me, ‘what is with you? people keep on coming behind me’.”

Ahsan Khan Talks About His Twin Brother

Furthermore, he shared, “My brother is a little heavier than me. I am heavy too but he is a bit heavier. He is not in the field so he does not want to maintain. So people usually approach him and say, ‘you have gained a little weight, what has happened with you?’ So he really dislikes this but obviously he is my brother he is an amazing guy and plays along as well.”


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