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Ways to cope with living in an abusive home and how to leave

An abusive home can take a toll on your mental and physical health. It is important to be strong while you’re living there and know when the time is up and how to leave such a place. Here’s a guide on ways to cope with living in an abusive home and how to leave one:

Spot a pattern

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An abusive relationship will have a set pattern with the partner gaslighting you and blaming you for each and everything that goes wrong. You need to note down that very pattern and keep an account of all the things said and done wrongly towards you.

Keep a timeline

Keep a timeline of with all details of misconduct, physical or verbal bad behavior towards you. You will need it to prove yourself in court or to other people like your family members.

Gather evidence

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Gather evidence in the form of photographs, videos, voice messages, text messages, calls, emails, medical reports, etc. You will need all this evidence to prove yourself if and when the time comes to get yourself out of the abusive relationship.

Keep original evidence and make copies of it

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Keep original evidence and also don’t forget to make copies of it in case you lose the original files. You can either scan them or take photographs of it or keep soft copies, anything which can be kept safe.

Send it to someone trustworthy

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Send the evidence to someone trustworthy like a close friend or family member. They can keep the evidence in a safe place. Make sure the abuser has no idea that the close friend or family member has any evidence against them or they could manipulate or blackmail them.

Know who to call or go to in an emergency

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Try and test close friends and family with your secrets. When you’re in a sticky situation, you should have someone to turn to and call and even live with if things go bad.

Save money

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You can’t do much if you have absolutely no money on you. Having no money means you won’t be able to leave or even build a new life. If you can, try and earn and keep saving money for the unreliable situations. You will be needing it if and when you decide to leave.

Don’t lose hope

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Last but not the least, don’t ever lose hope that things won’t be favorable. Try socializing, doing volunteer work or any other job which would bring you happiness.


  • It’s not always the partner that’s abusive. in some cases, the abuse comes from parents or siblings and that can be even more difficult because you can’t leave them and who can you tell? No one will believe it. Bas Allah na karein ke anyone has to go through it and Allah madad karein and himmat dein unko jo iss main phase hain

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