Ahsan Khan’s Irresistible New Look Is Worth Drooling Over

Ahsan Khan has become the king of our hearts, since the day he stepped into the industry. Not only was he known for his charming looks, but his on point acting is what made him even more loved. After Udaari, there was no stopping Khan’s fame and love by the fans. But, if you think that was all the admiration you can get out for him, then you are wrong!

Ahsan Khan in his drool-worthy new look will make you fall for him even more!

Did you see the handsome hunk? Oh, he seems the absolute Greek God of beauty! And, one more…

We can’t help but wonder whether this new look has to do anything with his upcoming role. Drama or a movie? This man has us bewitched and completely in drapes. We still don’t know what this exciting new look is for.

Ahsan Khan's irresistible new look is worth drooling over

All we can do is wait till Ahsan pulls off the curtains behind the reason of this new look.