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Ahsan Khan’s Message For People On Christmas

Ahsan Khan is one of those celebrities who do not usually give a lot of strong statements on social networking sites. Anyone who follows Ahsan Khan on these sites would know that he usually is only talking about his projects and work in his posts but there must be something annoying this actor that is why he decided to say it loud and clear in a facebook status.

ahsan khan

While wishing the Christian community a merry Christmas, Ahsan Khan also highlighted the attitude of many people he comes across very often. Ahsan Khan for some reason is always questioned about his religious beliefs. It could be because he has also hosted some Ramazan transmissions. Whatever the reason maybe it is very clear from his status that Ahsan Khan is not happy with people who ask him such questions. He wants people to know that he is a human before everything else and he would not like to associate with people who ask him these questions.

Here is his facebook status.