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Pakistani Celebrities Whose Wives Are Always By Their Side

There is a saying that behind every successful man there is a woman which is very true because a woman raises a son and a woman stands by his side as a wife through the later half of his life. Showbiz is a tricky field to be in for a married man because the timings are not 9 to 5 and it is very demanding because an actor, model, singer or host does not only do his job but he is in a way public property. Even when he goes out people think it is their right to approach him and talk to him.

The wives of these celebrities have to be very understanding otherwise the marriage will fall apart. A woman who gets jealous easily, is insecure in any way or wants her husband to give her and the children time without considering his professional restraints cannot be someone who will be behind a successful male celebrity. There was a time when only showbiz wives were seen in functions and by their husbands’ side during interviews but that trend is gradually fading away. Wives of celebrities who are not in showbiz are also celebrities in a way now because they are seen by their side when they are even abroad promoting different projects. This shows that they support their husband which is a big help for all these men.

Here is a list of Pakistani celebrities’ wives who are always by their side in public although they are not in showbiz.

Fawad Khan’s Wife Sadaf Khan

Fawad Khan loves his wife dearly, none of his interviews are complete without mentioning how his wife has supported him in all these years. He has always said that he is where he is today because of Sadaf’s support. He also said in an interview that his wife is very possessive about him and he loves that about her. Sadaf Khan runs a garment business of her own, she is stylish and confident. She is always there with her husband whether he is in Pakistan or abroad.

Talking to the Indian media once he said,

“My wife is not insecure at all. She is one of the most sensible persons I have ever come across.”

Here are some pictures of the happy couple from some events:

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Ali Zafar’s Wife Ayesha Fazli

Ali Zafar and Ayesha Fazli also had a love marriage like Fawad and Sadaf and the love is very much there even after all these years. Ali Zafar gifted Ayesha’s dream house to her this year to show how much he appreciated her love and support in all these years. Ayesha Fazli is always there at functions and shows and even personal parties. Ayesha Fazli is also a confident outgoing woman who loves her husband and is always by his side.

Here are some really cute pictures of the couple:

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Ahmed Ali Butt’s Wife Fatima Khan

Ahmed Ali Butt and Fatima Khan also tied the knot after knowing each other for many years. More than a decade ago Fatima Khan was part of the drama industry of Pakistan, she was seen in a few sitcoms but then she got married and moved abroad. The marriage did not work out maybe because she was destined to be with Ahmed Ali Butt. Fatima Khan has been seen in all the functions Ahmed Ali Butt has been invited too since they got married. They also spend a lot of time together. She always looks gorgeous and has a smiling face. Ahmed Ali Butt calls his wife his girlfriend and partner in crime in different posts which shows what great friendship they have!

Here are some lovely pictures of both of them:

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Vasay Chaudhry’s Wife Mahera Shah

Vasay Chaudhry and Mahera Shah got married in 2008 and they have three beautiful daughters. Mahera Shah are seen in public very often too. They make a very cute couple who look good together.

Here are some pictures of the beautiful couple:

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Faysal Qureshi’s Wife Sana Qureshi

Faysal Qureshi and Sana Qureshi although have never been seen together in a talk show but Faysal Qureshi keeps on posting his pictures with his wife in which they are always seen having a happy family time. In the past 2 years Sana has accompanied Faysal to all the functions he has attended. It is really good to see this sweet couple being happy together.

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Moammar Rana’s Wife Mehnaz Pervaiz

Among all the celebrities in this list Moammar Rana and Mehnaz’s marriage is the oldest. They have two beautiful daughters and they have made a lot of appearances in talk shows and functions. They were even seen as show stoppers on the ramp. Moammar’s marriage with Mehnaz was a strictly arranged marriage but it can be seen in their interview and in these pictures that they are a match made in heaven. Mehnaz always seems like a very sensible woman in her interviews.

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Atif Aslam’s Wife Sara Bharwana

Atif and Sara got married recently but Sara makes sure that she is by her husband’s side in functions and even in private parties. Whether Atif is attending a wedding or an award show Sara is always by his side looking beautiful.

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