Saza Hai – Episode 19

Yes, I took the liberty of changing the title of the drama because I think this drama should have been titled just that!! I am finding it really hard to absorb what I just watched!! Just when you think Sangat has shocked and disappointed you enough, it gets worse. Now when I hear the sound track during the break “saza hai, maye saza hai” I get even more convinced that it refers to Shahwez, the bechara rapist who is getting punished by a “ruthless” rape victim! Talk about taking contradictions to a whole new level! A rapist has been turned into a victim and a victim has been shown as someone who is perfectly comfortable around the person who violated her in the worst way possible! Ayesha’s confidence is definitely not something you can relate to. It is almost as if she wants Shahwez to get attached to his daughter, which is sickening. She is still not willing to tell her mother the truth because she wants Shahwez to stay in the house and she has no intentions of making any more attempts to be reconcile things with her husband. Whatever Ayesha’s grand plan is it should be revealed soon because I am losing all respect for her character which started off as a very strong and sensible one! Sure, Shahwez is the only person who can save Sangat’s life but is developing this whole relationship with him really important? Why doesn’t Ayesha just “order” him to do whatever it is that needs to be done?

The joke of the day was when Salma took pride in the fact that she was “strong” (stupid, naive, senseless????) enough to love someone like Shahwez! There was a time when I used to think Salma had no reason to feel “insecure” from Ayesha but now I am not even sure what Ayesha’s intentions are. She wants Shahwez to be her kid’s nanny and her driver. She is enjoying controlling him which basically means that she has clearly moved on. He is supposed to do everything which Adnan used to do. Why not just marry Shahwez and live happily ever after? Since torturing him is so much fun, Ayesha could do it for the rest of her life if she gets married to him and Shahwez’s “saza” will be never ending then!! I am sorry I have to joke about this otherwise very serious situation but I have stopped taking this drama seriously now.

Every week we see a senseless episode of this play which makes a mockery of something as serious as rape. What makes this drama even more unbearable now is that there are hardly any commercial breaks also to provide the much-needed relief from the torture of watch Ayesha and Shahwez sharing the most strange relationship we have ever witnessed in television history! The preview of the episode will ensure trps since Ayesha will tell Shahwez that he is the father of her child. It is shocking how much Ayesha trusts this man! She is going to share something she has not shared with her mother or her husband with this man because they have this “bond” which only the writer of this drama understands! After watching this episode and the last one I do feel like the writer is somehow trying to convince us that these two do share a bond which Ayesha does not share with anyone else. He is the only man she shares her feelings with and the first person she will tell the truth to! How are the viewers supposed to relate to this situation?

Did you watch this disastrous episode of Sangat? Please share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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