Mana Ka Gharana – Episode 03!

Ohkay so, I must say I absolutely enjoyed watching this episode of Mana Ka Gharana. There’s something very simple & sweet about this drama & I love the way it has been executed. They are showcasing a life of a very close-knit family that lives in a very peaceful environment & how they believe in making things easier for each & every family member. I really like how they all show solidarity & try to come up with a solution every single time they feel things are getting too complicated for anyone.

Honestly speaking, there was a lot of focus on Zarri for my liking, may be because so far I haven’t gotten anything to feel for her character or any details that would let me know that she is nice. So far Zarri comes across as someone who doesn’t believe in minding her own business & if someone will have an issue with her, she will make sure to turn that person into a culprit & would enjoy the luxury of being a victim in everyone’s eyes. When she knew that Maalik didn’t fancy any sort of interference in his life, she still invaded his privacy & searched through his personal belongings. When Maalik tried to make her realize that she shouldn’t have done that, she brushed it off her shoulders saying it wasn’t a big deal. If Maalik has been rigid with her, then since day one Zarri has made sure to make things difficult for Maalik too. It is Zarri who has come to live with them, so she shouldn’t go around disturbing people’s personal space, but somehow it looks like she doesn’t know where to draw a line.

Obviously, the things Maalik said to Zarri caused her distress which evoked everyone’s sympathy towards her. Ghalib also reminisced about the past as to how his father wanted Maalik to get married to Zarri but he chose Gul Bahar over her. I don’t know why but I found it quite odd that despite being well aware of the fact that Maalik is going to be there, Zarri not only chose to come to Ghalib’s house, but she started disturbing Maalik too. I think she should’ve known better that after all that has happened between them in the past, she can’t be just so candid with & around Maalik. Ghalib, Saleha, Mana & Khizer, each & everyone started feeling bad for Zarri & the one who actually got disturbed got ignored because in their opinion, Maalik was being rigid for no good reason.

The new character that made an entry was obviously of some businessman (Danish Raheel) who was visiting the hill station for his business purposes & was staying at the guest house. Mana came across him & he caught her attention, may be because his aura was somewhat similar to the aura of Mana’s ideal that she had in her mind. Even though Mana didn’t get to interact with him, it was shown that he is going to be a bit of a snort. Obviously, he will be a bit polite when he will start conversing with Mana but his personality is not as pleasant as Khizer’s. The inner most feelings that Mana shared with Zarri showed that she is eager to settle into a big city as she is tired of living in a small town. I am sure this will definitely force Mana to feel attracted to the businessman as she will think he will take her away like her imaginary prince charming that she spoke about.

What I liked seeing the most was the change in Maalik’s attitude. He actually felt guilty for being too harsh on Zarri & he showed that despite being rigid & uncompromising, he still is humane enough to admit his mistakes & apologize when required. He not only apologized to Zarri but tried to have a conversation with her because he knows that they both share similar interests too, which was a pleasant surprise as well. It looks like Maalik is trying to give his life & Zarri a second chance too because he is tired of living in a shell.

It looks like Maalik’s wife will make a reentry & she is going to create a havoc in his & Zarri’s life because she won’t let go of him easily. Overall, this episode was a bit slow but still interesting. I hope they do have a strong story to tell in the episodes to come because so far it is only coming across as a story of a single family without much scope. I hope that different situations & circumstances take place so that the story becomes a bit intense & even more interesting. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Mana Ka Gharana.

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