Aijaz Aslam’s Brilliant Tips for Sehr & Iftar

Aijaz Aslam is a handsome and talented Pakistani television and film actor. He’s admired because of his extremely fit personality and his clean eating habits. The showbiz industry loves to take tips from him to follow.

Aijaz Aslam's Brilliant Tips for Sehr & Iftar

Recently, the brilliant actor was invited by his friend Faysal Quraishi in Ramadan Main Bol where he talked about his light and clean Sehr and Iftar routine. Aijaz Aslam says that clean eating is something he’s passionate about and he loves to share it with people. He also shared his recent tips with the public. Aijaz Aslam said, “If you eat healthy thing in less quantity you can do well during the fast (Roza), I eat porridge, I take oats, it will give you energy whole day, I use almond milk with porridge, you can use low fat milk, I can eat it hot or cold, I also add coconut powder and fruits in it, I also add sugar free carb free protein shake in it. I also add peanut butter into it, furthermore, I eat sehri in good two hours because I eat slowly. I also take smoothies of different fruits to get hydrated. You must take 3 litres water during a day, you should take even more during Ramadan. He said that he makes Watermelon shake with ginger. He also said he eats cucumber’s smoothies as well. He said he blend fruits instead of juices. Have a look at the video:

He further talked about the honey he has launched which has 24 caret gold flakes in it, he clarified people that the gold flakes he uses are edible like edible gold and silver paper. He further said that it has an amazing taste and health benefits which has made people addicted. Have a look at the videos:

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Aijaz Aslam's Brilliant Tips for Sehr & Iftar

Aijaz Aslam's Brilliant Tips for Sehr & Iftar


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