Aima Baig- Internet’s New Musical Sensation?

Coke Studio season 10 isn’t as impressive as many had hoped for, considering that the 10th season marks a decade since the show began. Having faced with a lot of disappointment by the songs presented to the audience in the first and second episode of this season, fans were starting to lose hope that any new voice that would not only sound pleasing to their ears but also jell well with the music would not be found this season. The well established singers had already failed to impress with their performances but had successfully managed to generate a tonne of memes on internet in regards to their failed performances.

In these dark times, Aima Baig has come out as a ray of hope! The young singer sang the song titled ‘Baazi’ with Sahir Ali Bagga. She charmed the audience with her strong yet versatile vocals, if how viral the song video is going on internet and the appreciative comments are anything to go by. Sahir Ali Bagga directed the music along with singing it with her.

Aima has grown up singing both eastern and western songs and you can see both the styles mixing in harmony in this song. The western influence in the song is very subtle but it is there and we love it. Her voice sounds smooth as silk yet you can’t miss those strong, well-practiced vocals.

We also have to give it to Sahir Ali Bagga’s voice for perfectly complementing Aima Baig’s and just making the song much better than it already is. The song is a playful, folk song and you can see both the artists enjoying themselves as they sing it.

A lot of people on Web 2.0 have started comparing Aima Baig to Momina Mustehsan. Many are calling her Momina Mustehsan of season 10. Have a listen to her song below and tell us what you think. Is she really the voice everyone was waiting for?


Arsala Khalid