Coke Studio Season 10 Episode 3 Review-Average Overall!

Episode 3 aired today and the artists lineup included Qurutulain Baloch, Areib Azhar, Akbar Ali, Sajjad Ali, Zaw Ali, Sahir Ali Bagga, Aima Baig, Humera Channa and Nabeel Shaukat. It was an average episode with some good and some not so good performances. No wow factor today either. One thing which I found a bit annoying today was that the young singers constantly shove angrezi accents in Urdu and other regional language songs which seems a bit off-putting. Lets get to all the songs one by one:

Laal Meri Pat:

Sung by Qurutulain Baloch, narration done by Areib Azhar and classical notes sung by Akbar Ali, Laal Meri Pat should have been a real good deal but it was not so. Music was directed by Strings. QB is indeed the best choice for this song and the other artists did their parts well too but the music? It was too mellow!! Laal Meri Pat should always make the listeners go all Dam Dam Mast Qalander and not act as some background music for relaxation exercises. It could have been so much better if the music had been kept a few beats higher. Music made it average.

Ronay Na Diya:

Ronay Na Diya marked the debut of Zaw Ali who is the daughter of Sajjad Ali. To be honest all my expectations died after what Danyal Zafar did but Zaw is really good. Yes nepotism is quite visible here but the girl is talented too. Music was also directed by Sajjad Ali who it seemed kept his part humble and threw spotlight more on Zaw and Zaw did not insult the opportunity and gave her hundred percent. I found the English part of the song a bit not needed but Zaw made it acceptable with her vocals. The accent issue was there in the song when Zaw kept angrezi accent in Urdu lyrics after she reverted from English to Urdu. Overall a good song and a good debut.


The music was directed by Sahir Ali Bagga who also sung it alongside Aima Baig. Aima is the new sensation for the season alike Momina. The girl is a good singer but choosing a Siraiki number for her was not a good choice. She gave her hundred percent but the accent issue was there with her too. She did not sound natural. Sahir did a fabulous job with his powerful vocals but to me the song was not the dancey funky type which they aimed to created. But since it is the time of internet sensations it may go out to be among the best for the season. Who knows!

Mujh Se Pehli Si Muhabbat:

A tribute was paid to the real queen of melody Malika E Taranum Noor Jehan by Humera Channa and Nabeel Shaukat. Music was directed by Meekal Hassan band. The best song of the episode hands down. Humera’s voice seemed as soothing as Madam Noor Jehan’s in original and Nabeel’s vocals were a treatful addition. They both nailed it. A best selection of duo for the said song. Music was so according to the vocals of the singers. A good one indeed!

Which song did you people like in this episode and which one you thought could have been better? Share your thoughts in comments!

Pakeeza Dar