Khaadi Introduces Chapter 2

On Thursday, 24 August 2017, the famous clothing brand Khaadi introduced Chapter 2 at Dolmen mall, Clifton, Karachi. Through Chapter 2, Khaadi returns to its roots, involving hand woven garments. Khaadi had started off their business with hand woven clothes but due to their high expenses and low production rate, the hand woven garments had to move back to the passenger seat from the driver seat.

Chapter 2 involves¬†cleaner, simpler looks and a classic silhouette that won’t be going out of fashion for a long time.¬†It is a contemporary take on traditional hand woven fabrics; through high contrast, progression of color and composition.

There are high hopes of Chapter 2 to be a major success for Khaadi as the main aim of this is to not only bring the pure hand-loomed clothes back into fashion but also to make women comfortable and confident wearing them.

Khaadi is known to set fashion trends, introduced new fashion trends from time to time. Let’s see if they fulfill expectations and succeed with Chapter 2.

Khaadi Introduces Chapter 2


Arsala Khalid