Aiman Khan’s Life After Marriage

Aiman Khan’s life has changed after getting married just like it would for anyone else. Aiman Khan gave her first interview after getting married to co-star and friend Muneeb Butt recently. She has been married for 5 months now and in these five months she has only given this one interview. Aiman Khan talked about how her life has changed after marriage in this interview. She also shared what her future plans were. Will she be acting again? That is a big question on everyone’s mind. Aiman Khan also gave an answer to this question in her interview. Aiman Khan also shared in detail what she is doing nowadays and what kind of a relationship she has with her husband. She also talked about the relationship she has with her in laws. In this video you will find out everything you need to know about Aiman Khan’s life after marriage. Watch the video till the end to find out whether she will be leaving showbiz or not. Do share your views.


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