Aina On Mayi Ri’s Child Marriage Portrayal

Aina Asif is a very young and pretty television actor who started her acting career at an early age. She garnered fame from Pehli Si Muhabbat. Her drama Hum Tum also became popular. She has also performed in the dramas including Pinjra, Pehchan and Baby Baji. Aina Asif gained a substantial social media following after performing in the hit television serials. Her current claim to the fame project is a soap serial Mayi Ri which features a controversial social issue. In the drama, Aina is playing the character of school going girl Annie who got married to Fakhir, who is also a school going boy. Viewers are accusing Mayi Ri makers of glorifying child marriage.

Aina On Mayi Ri's Child Marriage Portrayal

Lately, Aina Asif talked about child marriage’s controversial portrayal in Mayi Ri. Talking about the question related to glorify child marriage, Aina Asif said, “The team didn’t mean to glorify the child marriages. The basic intention towards it was to spread awareness among the masses, because you may see the young couples around you. Also, it is not only about a child marriage, in future, we will show the struggles and issues of this young couple. We will throw light on the pros and cons of child marriage”. Talking about the fans editsof Annie and Fakhir’s bonding, Aina said, “The bonding between Fakhir and Annie is not because of love, it is there because they are cousins. She further said if the audiences romanticized it, then it is okay”.

Aina On Mayi Ri's Child Marriage Portrayal

Aina On Mayi Ri's Child Marriage Portrayal

Aina Asif further added, “They are cousins and that is the reason behind their friendly attitude, they are not being romantic and the intention of the drama was to raise awareness”


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  • I seriously don’t understand when a girl got her periods. She is attracted to opposite gender. If she can start a romantic relationship why not nikkah. If a girl or a boy is willing I think they should get married. Make nikkah easy and zina difficult. We have to change our attitude toward this issue. And yes everything has its own pros and cons. But there are difficulties even when you get married after 25,30 or 40.