Ali Azmat & Natasha Baig’s Upcoming Music Video

The renowned musician Ali Azmat has teamed up with the latest singing sensation Natasha Baig for their upcoming music video. Natasha’s song in collaboration with Mai Dhai released recently and we must say we were impressed and fell in love with every bit of it. Natasha shared a picture with Ali Azmat while giving a hint about their upcoming music video.

Oh wait! What am I doing with Ali Azmat? O.o #topsecret #starstruck #amIdreaming? ?

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HIP got in touch with Natasha and this what she has to share:

“We are working on a song together, but that’s all I can reveal for now,” she said. “You will find out what’s cooking soon, but for now, my lips are sealed.” When asked how she feels about working with Ali Azmat, the talented singer said, “I was so happy and it was my dream to sing with Ali Azmat.”

She further shared, “When I went to the studio, I was told he will talk about the song with me. So I was scared about what he might say or whether he will be critical. But he was a sweetheart and encouraged me a lot. After meeting him, I know exactly why people call him a Rockstar.”

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