Hareem Farooq’s Upcoming Film ‘Parchi’

Drama Sanam’s Aila, Hareem Farooq has an interesting project in hands. The actress who produced the romantic comedy film Jannan and was seen in Dobara Phir Se, is now all set to appear as the lead actor and producer of another romantic-comedy flick ‘Parchi’.

Parchi will be Hareem’s third project as a producer. The film will also be produced by Ali Kazmi. Parchi will be directed by Azfar Jafri, the director of Jannan. The film’s script has been penned by Shafqat Khan.

Speaking to Images Imran gave us a few deets about the upcoming venture titled Parchi.

“Parchi is a situational comedy, it’s in pre-production phase at the moment. The director is Azfar Jafri, who also directed Janaan . I am producing it along with Hareem,” he said.

So far Hareem Farooq and Janaan co-stars Ali Rehman and Usman Mukhtar have been confirmed as the leads. However, the film is in need of two more lead actors who have yet to be finalised. “We are currently holding auditions. Let’s see, I think in the next ten days we’ll have something confirmed.”

Audition for #parchi in progress ?

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Imran explains that the focus is on making the film lighthearted and although the title is somewhat a giveaway, “he can’t disclose much about Parchi.”

“Since it’s a comedy film, we have tried to touch the topic of the film without any serious undertones, so that people can understand it more and have fun with it.”

He explained, “In the end cinema is all about escapism. It’s all about entertainment, there is so much tension in our homes that we’re hoping people will come to watch the film and have some fun before heading home.”

“For the music we’re planning something big. We had a song or two in Janaan which were pretty good but the rest I personally wasn’t very happy with. This time I’m trying my level best to ensure there’s not a single song that I’m at least unhappy with. So we’re working on that.”

“We’re trying to incorporate a lot of things that have not been done before and are also rather difficult. I can’t disclose them yet because we don’t even know if we can pull them off. But let’s see.”

Parchi will be shot in Pakistan and though it’s a comedy feature, “the content will have a serious and deeper meaning,” according to Imran.

Rimsha Butt