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Ali Noor Stripped Down Is The New Talk Of The Town!

After the Coke Studio production of Paar Channa De the heartthrob lead singer of the famous national band Noori, has laid quite a low profile up until Saturday, when he publicized his first Vlog by a video titled as ‘Ali Noor Stripped Down’. Quoting from his Vlog, the 39-year old made the following statement :

“This year I am turning 40 and I have decided to change a few things. I want to find a purpose in my life, I want to find a bigger reason to live, I want my life to be with you people so that we can start a journey together. To do things together, to explore things together, to find pleasures together, to find happiness together. This is my journey to find my real self.

He also encouraged his millions of fans worldwide to continue supporting and motivating him as he journeys to find his true inner self.

But that’s not exactly what has his followers bewildered at the moment . The 8 minute video that was posted, has various parts where it seemed that the musician has trimmed his graceful long locks of hair and shaved his beard, making up for a bizarre yet definitely still attractive change of look. In fact he now bears much resemblance to his old self back in 2000.

Here is how his fans reacted:

In the video, Ali Noor takes the audinece along on his trips to the stylist Saima Rashid Bargfrede for his new haircut and wer’e guessing Bobby Salon for his beard. The reactions of his family relatives and friends appraising him for this new-do are quite hilarious!

See the Vlog for yourself:

Here’s his video of celebrating Pakistan’s win yesterday:

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