Ali Zafar Has A Hilarious Reply To “Claims” Made By Ali Azmat

Ali Azmat, after expressing his hurt and anger at the organizers of the PSL V opening ceremony, also made a claim about all the hate and trolling that their latest version of the PSL anthem had received. In a show hosted by Waseem Badami, Ali Azmat stated that the hate had been orchestrated by a ‘rival’ singer who had previously sung the PSL song.

Although he didn’t actually take any names, Ali Azmat did throw shade at fellow singer Ali Zafar and how, if he said something, Zafar could file a defamation suit against him.

Taking to his social media, Ali Zafar, however, didn’t file a lawsuit but gave a befitting and very hilarious reply to Ali Azmat.

“Zindagi mein koi bhee masla ho. #bhaeehazirhai,” wrote Ali Zafar on his Instagram.

“If there is any problem in your life, whether your personal, professional, if your event didn’t go well or your song didn’t do well, you don’t have to blame yourself because its me who is responsible,” quipped Ali Zafar.

“I have bloggers on my payroll. In fact I am behind Trump’s election,” added Ali Zafar further joked, adding how he has been entirely responsible for the hate campaign against PSL songs that didnt work.

Ali Zafar’s hilarious video will make you smile even if you don’t like him. Check out the video above and tell us what you think of this new #bhai in town.

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