Ali Zafar To Sing For Mahesh Bhatt’s Play Based On Indo-Pak Love Story

Mahesh Bhatt has always tried to maintain the peace and has been an ambassador of peace and a supporter of art exchange beyond borders. He is now about to take the initiative to resume Indo-Pak cultural dialogue with a stage adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet which will convert the original play into an Indo-Pak love story.

According to Bollywood Hungama, the play entitled Milne Do will feature artistes and musicians from both sides of the border. India’s theatre actor Imran Zahid who will play Bhatt’s Romeo says, “Bhatt Saab has already approached Ali Zafar to write a theme song for the play. We are now in the process of approaching some more Pakistanis singers and composers.”

The play will feature artistes from India and Pakistan. “It will address itself to the theme of us, instead of them,” said Mahesh Bhatt.

Let’s see which Pakistani artists will be approached for the project.

Rimsha Butt