Is Technology Being Used Authentically?

From the way people consume news to how they keep in touch with friends or meet new people, it’s safe to say, technology use has drastically altered behavioural patterns. Rising technology and mediums of the same have various pros and cons. There is no denying that we live in the age of technology. It is an essential part of everyday life and is improving with every passing day. Along with the developing technology, the way we think and operate is also coming along as a consequence to the technological advances.

Despite of being in a busy day and age, audiences still need regular access to news to know various events taking place, both locally and around the world, that have an impact on their lives. And television is believed to be one of the most authentic mediums for news. However, TV channels covering news are now eager to score big in the world of technology and this trend might never end because people now believe more in television and social media platforms. At one hand its a source of information but on the other hand can cause trouble too. In order to be the first one to cover a news, TV channels often forget their responsibility which is to break a news only after it’s confirmation.

A blast in Lahore Defence, on Thursday shook the whole nation. Where police officials confirmed it as a blast, the authorities still claimed it to be some sort of other error in the building. After the sudden and saddening blast which took over 8 lives, different TV channels starting reporting another blast in Gulberg, Lahore. As soon as the news of second blast broke out, the social media of Pakistan went into a complete frenzy and people all over the country were extremely shocked. Almost all media news outlets started to add fuel to the rumor and published news of a bomb blast in Gulberg right after the news of a bomb blast in Defence as a breaking news. According to TV channels reports, the blast took place outside a restaurant of an international food chain in Gulberg. On its account, police forces and rescue teams immediately reached the place only to find out that nothing had actually happened. The news turned out to be a mere hoax.

Just to be the first one to announce the news, every channel started spreading news without any sort of confirmation which resulted in causing panic all over Pakistan. Major news outlets and journalists reported the news of the second blast, not just through television but social media too and went on to share their personal thoughts on the same, yet again without any sort of confirmation.

It’s a common trend in print and electronic media where every outlet starts copying the other instead of confirming whether the reported incident even occurred. This wasn’t acceptable for audiences and PEMRA. The media watchdog decided to take an action against all media outlets for spreading a false news and causing unnecessary anxiety among people. A total of 30-31 news channels have been issued notices and asked to explained their intentions behind this news. PEMRA has given 1 week time to channels to present their explanation for airing false news without any confirmation.

February has sadly become a month of mourning for the whole nation as terror attacks across the country including Lahore and Sehwan blast have left people devastated. Pakistan has seen a terribly tragic month with one bomb blast following the other in all the major cities which has left the whole nation heart broken. The news channels really need to make sure to spread only authentic and correct news. They need to take things seriously and confirm the news before causing more panic to an already disturbed nation. Let’s hope the media outlets make sure to avoid false news’ in the future.

Rimsha Butt

Rimsha Butt