Alia Bhatt Draws Inspiration From Sanam Saeed

Alia Bhatt is a famous Bollywood actress and she has recently revealed that she has taken inspiration from Sanam Saeed’s character for her upcoming film Kalank which has a huge ensemble cast. Kashaf Murtaza is an iconic character played by Sanam Saeed in the superhit drama Zindagi Gulzar Hai. The drama was a massive hit in India too. So, when Alia was playing the role of a girl who speaks Urdu in her upcoming movie, her director asked her to watch Zindagi Gulzar Hai to speak properly for her role.

Alia Bhatt Draws Inspiration From Sanam Saeed

Alia said in an interview:

“Abhishek asked me to watch Zindagi Gulzar Hai. The character of the girl (Kashaf played by Sanam Saeed) in the show is very much how [my character] Roop will deal with the situation. She has responsibility on her shoulders so she is not always a happy person. She is vulnerable yet strong. It is difficult (to bring so many) layers – unhappy, vulnerable and strong to a character. Abhishek kept saying that I should be irritating.”

Sanam Saeed also reacted to the news on her Twitter:

Hopefully, this time there will be a Muslim character who will be speaking general Urdu without a Janab before every sentence😂

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