Alizeh Shah Responds To Her Latest Viral Video

Actress Alizeh shah, who faced immense backlash from the audience after her smoking video went viral on social media, recently responded to the matter. Alizeh Shah in her recent interview with “Maliha Rehman”, mentioned that “Do you know I was with my family in that car? If my family does not have any issues, who are these nameless, faceless people on social media who decide to judge me?”

Replying to the question that why didn’t she say so when people were trolling her incessantly, Alizeh said that “I have realized that it’s wiser to stay quiet. Often, when a woman takes a stand and decides to defend herself, people make life even more difficult for her. It’s easier for me to just disconnect from social media. I know that controversies don’t last for longer than two days and, after that, these very people will be watching my drama and getting excited about it.”

Alizeh Shah Responds To Her Latest Viral Video

“You know, I even got offered an item song right after that video got leaked? One video with a cigarette in it and it was assumed that I was ready to be an item girl! The song had some crazy lyrics, about kalashnikovs for eyes. My friends and I were in hysterics when we heard it!”, added Alizeh Shah.

Sara Imran