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Amir Khan Receives Death Threats For Posting A Christmas Tree Picture

This Pakistani British Boxer has his way of making headlines every now and then but this time it isn’t good at all.

Amir Khan , who is a practicing Muslim, took to his Instagram and posted a picture of the Christmas tree that he had decorated to surprise his three year old daughter, the boxer captioned this picture with, “While everyone’s asleep, daddy put the Christmas tree up. Lamaisah’s going to be happy.”

Many of his followers were offended by this and some even threatened the boxer’s life.

One troll wrote, ‘You must be dead and your family will be death. I promise and Allah must promise. I and Allah see you and check you. your angel of death came to see you,” reported Daily Mail.

Another user wrote, “That is a pagan practice. I mean you might as well eat pork…”

“True Muslim believers wouldn’t be putting a Christmas tree in their house hence he doesn’t represent a TRUE MUSLIM,” wrote a user.

Of course some of the followers defended the boxer too by stating that he was only trying to surprise his daughter.

An Instagram user wrote, “He hasn’t put the tree up to be offensive, his done it for his little girl, she is being brought up in a western country, and will see all her friends and places around her with them. Have you seen how many tress there are up all over Dubai and other Muslim countries? Saying he should die is way over the top!”

“Damn. Amir puts up a Christmas tree for his daughter, we go mad. Yet we go hanging around with some questionable people within our own community, don’t even deny the drug dealers who are pervasive in our community which people look the other way to. yet a Christmas tree was put up and the morality police are out in force. Hypocritical fools. If you have an opinion fine, if you want to pass on a message, fine. Just don’t be a tool. Rant over,” said another one.

In an interview some time ago Amir Khan had stated that he spends every Friday afternoon at the mosque near his training camp in California.

He said the mosque was his ‘favorite place to go’, adding, “I am not afraid of saying I am a Muslim. I think some people would be scared to say that they are Muslim, especially during the current time, but I am a proud Muslim. There are a lot of good Muslims out there who are against terrorism, who are against, you know, people killing each other.”

Even while he was a participant in the reality show I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, he was reportedly allowed separate meals in order to make sure that what he ate was halal.

What’s your take on the story?

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