Amir Liaqat Replies With Even More Love To Fahad Mustafa

Recently Fahad Mustafa praised Amir Liaqat on live television during a running of his show Jeeto Pakistan. He stopped midway through the show and told the audience to clap, with him, for Amir Liaqat and it was quite obvious that the crowd seemed perplexed at first. He went on to say ‘Chai aap manain na manain, aap (Amir Liaqat) ka aur mera rishta likh diya gaya hai’, adding that ‘ab aap ko mein acha lagoon na lagoon aap ko mujhay bardash karna paray ga kyun k mein aap say dil say muhabbat karta hoon‘. The unexpected display of affection for Amir Liaqat from Fahad Mustafa’s side in no time received a reply from none other than Amir Liaqat himself. The infamous host dedicated a ‘yeh cheez‘ to Fahad and further said ‘agar Fahad aik kadam agay barhain gain tou mein unhay apnay seenay say lagaon ga‘. Watch the full video here:

Summaya Baloch