An interview with Khalil of Sadqay Tumare

Acknowledgement: whole content is taken from Instep, English Daily, The News, By Aamna Haider Isani
There is a SPOILER ALERT in this interview as well.

Adnan Malik gets into character and talks to Instep as Khalil from Sadqay Tumhare.

By Aamna Haider Isani

We’ve spoken to Adnan Malik many times, but this time we thought we’d get hold of his onscreen character, Khalil, lovingly known as Khaliloo from popular drama series Sadqay Tumhare, and pry a little into his love life. We’re seven episodes into the play, Khalil has just been rejected by his Rasheeda Khala, he is besotted with Shano and he’s just received all sorts of threatening messages from his rival, Shano’s uncle’s son, who wishes to marry her too.

We managed to catch Khalil after he’s done reading Shano’s first love letter and we suspect he’ll probably be setting out to meet her next week…

Instep: Shano was always in love of the idea of being engaged to you but what is it about her that you fall head over heels at first sight?

Khalil: She shows up in my dreams, I’m not used to anyone getting into my space. It unnerves me. Initially I’m not really interested, in fact I’m a little irritated with all the Shano questions my family keeps asking me. I’m a simple guy; I like to play sports and study and keep things simple. People kept asking me about her and that really annoyed me but the moment I saw her, our eyes locked and it was one of those epic moments when there’s an instant attraction. When you know, you know. My world turned upside down.

Instep: You’re quite an old fashioned hero; you sing, you play sports, you write love letters and you’re really arrogant. Which screen idol do you relate to?

Khalil: I think my creator (Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar) mythologized himself and wrote angry young man, Amitabh Bachchan, into my character.

Instep: Okay, but it’s 2014, do people really write love letters anymore?

Khalil: Yeah, I still like to write! It’s so nostalgic; I love that world. Relationships are based on social media and Whatssap these days; people confess love on email. There’s no beauty or human touch to it anymore. The kind of love Shano and I have has romance and patience. Classic love is so difficult to achieve today. Our love is old school; I have to make a three-hour journey just to see her.

Instep: There’s just too much opposition in your love story. Your khala and khalu despise you and your family. What’s the game plan because you don’t seem the type to back down?

Khalil: I just don’t like khala and khalu. I don’t know what khala’s problem is and I find khalu completely irritating. I’m not used to having obstacles in life and this is very annoying. I know that I was meant to be with Shano and I am going to be with her. We love each other and nothing else matters.

Instep: Have you ever wondered how your completely vile khala and khalu could have a beautiful, soft hearted and lovable daughter like Shano?

Not taking no for an answer: Khalil faces rejection and threats in Sadqay Tumhare, but remains undeterred in pursuing his meant-to-be lady love, Shano.
Khalil: I’m an instinctive guy, I don’t think too much. I don’t understand why they’re so against me…is there something wrong with me? But I don’t overthink things; I am a very simple guy. But I am annoyed at the obstacles and will get to the bottom of why they’re opposing me.

Instep: You’re quite fashion conscious and there’s nothing sloppy or rustic about your look. Is it true that Sania Maskatiya and Omar Farooq (Republic) designed your wardrobe?

Khalil: It is a disheveled, curated look but I think it is quite rustic. Ehtasham, Mehrunnissa and I worked on an awami look with Sania Maskatiya. We wanted to keep it masculine. For western wear we went with Omar Farooq and did big collared shirts, flared trousers.

Instep: Back to your story, this doctor friend of yours seems like a good guy but we’re a little wary of his sincerity. What’s his deal?

Khalil: Doctor is my guiding light, my elder brother (cousin) and someone who’s always there for me. I can be vulnerable in front of him and he’s someone I can be myself with totally.

Instep: Do you think your love story will end happily or like all folklore will it pull a Heer Ranjha on us?

Khalil: Of course it’ll end happily, I’ll get my Shano and we’ll live happily ever after.


Rashid Nazir Ali

Rashid Nazir Ali