Anchor Madeha Naqvi’s Mother Passes Away

Madeha Naqvi is a big name among the anchors of Pakistan. She has hosted several kinds of shows and live transmissions in her career. She is also among the top morning show hosts in the country. Madeha has worked on all the big channels and interviewed all the famous people. She is married to a politician and has a son. She is going through the toughest phase of her life right now because of the loss that she has faced.

Anchor Madeha Naqvi's Mother Passes Away

Madeha just travelled to Lahore alongside her son to meet her mother on Mother’s Day. She has now lost her mom Syeda Almas Bukhari and shared the news with her followers via Instagram.

Anchor Madeha Naqvi's Mother Passes Away

Here is the last meeting of Madeha Naqvi with her mother:

This is the sad announcement from Madeha’s side:

Anchor Madeha Naqvi's Mother Passes Away

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Illaihi Rajioon! Condolences to Madeha Naqvi and her family from our side!

Pakeeza Dar