Hiba Bukhari Fame, Success & Popularity – What’s The Secret

Hiba Bukhari is one of the top actresses in the Pakistani drama industry. She has risen as an A-lister star in the past few years and has given back-to-back commercial hits making her a very bankable star for the channels. Hiba Bukhari has also worked with all the big channels in the country and has been able to break the camps and groups, an art not achieved by many in Pakistan. She is married to co-star Arez Ahmed and they have a great marriage with support for each other. Let’s look at how Hiba Bukhari achieved these milestones in her career.

Hiba Bukhari Fame, Success & Popularity - What's The Secret

Early Life and Break

Hiba Bukhari was born and raised in Karachi and got her education in the city as well. She has two brothers and one sister. She is the first ever person in her family to join showbiz. Her entry into acting was a co-incidence as she was on vacation after her exams and one day she saw an advertisement for a creative camp at Karachi Arts Council.

She convinced her mother to attend and when she got there she chose photography and music from the available options. Hiba did not choose acting as it never even crossed her mind to act in a play or appear on screen. Haseena Moin who was present there noticed her and offered her to act. Haseena Jee asked Hiba’s mother who threw the ball towards Hiba’s father. After a brief discussion, he permitted Hiba to start acting, and as they say, the rest is history.

Hiba Bukhari Fame, Success & Popularity - What's The Secret

Hiba shared in an interview how it went down:

Early Career

Hiba Bukhari made her television debut in Teri Meri Jodi. She then went on to do a supporting role in Iqra Aziz and Shahzad Sheikh starrer Choti Si Zindagi. She picked up her second lead role in the drama Bholi Bano which propelled her career. The drama got high ratings and Hiba was noticed as the new face by the mainstream audience.

She entered the industry as an outsider, completely unaware of the stardom she was attaining. As a newcomer to the industry, she had no idea that she was on her way to achieving stardom.Hiba has shared before that she didn’t even know that leading ladies get special treatment on sets and was really humble and down to earth, something that she maintains till today.

Hiba Bukhari Fame, Success & Popularity - What's The Secret

Here is Hiba’s experience early on in her career:

Hiba Bukhari Dramas List

Hiba has given many hits in a rather short career with some diverse characters. She has been leaning more towards commercial scripts and she has managed high ratings and YouTube views. Here are the dramas she has done since making her debut in 2015:

Teri Meri Jodi
Choti Si Zindagi
Bholi Bano
Thori Si Wafa
Haara Dil
Ramz e Ishq
Inteha e Ishq
Mere Humnasheen
Ishq Nahin Aasan
Tere Ishq Ke Naam
Jhok Sarkar
Jaan Nisar

Deewangi on Geo TV

Hiba Bukhari played Nageen in the highly popular Deewangi on Geo TV. The strong-headed girl who clashes with Danish Taimoor aka Sultan Durrani’s ego became a hot favourite and the on-screen couple became a phenomenon. The drama was trending till the very last episode and it established Hiba’s place in the industry as one of the top female leading actresses. She got great opportunities after Deewangi’s success and there was no looking back for her.

Hiba Bukhari Fame, Success & Popularity - What's The Secret

Looks And Comparison To Jaya Prada

Hiba Bukhari is very beautiful and she has always gotten praise for how she looks. She also gets compared a lot to veteran Bollywood actress Jaya Prada. She has been told hundreds of times that she looks like Jaya Prada and she even reacted to the claims during an interview.

Hiba Bukhari Fame, Success & Popularity - What's The Secret

Hiba Bukhari Fame, Success & Popularity - What's The Secret

According to Hiba she gets compared to Jaya Prada a lot and sometimes directors compare her to Nazia Hassan as well. She said that she does not mind being compared to Jaya as it does not harm her and she was a beautiful woman. Here is what Hiba thinks about these comparisons:

Hiba Bukhari Husband

Hiba Bukhari is married to fellow actor Arez Ahmed. The couple got married in a beautiful ceremony and they have always been very supportive of each other’s careers. Hiba is more popular than Arez but that has never bothered him. On the other hand, Hiba loves prioritizing her personal life over her career while the couple’s families have also been their guardian angels.

Hiba Bukhari Fame, Success & Popularity - What's The Secret

During a recent interview, Arez Ahmed revealed that Hiba makes more money than him and he loves it and does not get insecure. He is also very open about supporting Hiba and how proud of her he is.

Hiba Bukhari Fame, Success & Popularity - What's The Secret

This is what Arez had revealed:

Hiba Bukhari Married Life 

Hiba and Arez have lived with Arez Ahmed’s parents since they got married. Hiba has time and again shared how supportive and respectful her in-laws have been towards her. In an interview, she shared that she prefers to live in a joint family as elders take care of you and she is grateful for how supportive her in-laws have been.

Hiba Bukhari Fame, Success & Popularity - What's The Secret

This is her preference:

Good Opportunities And Industry Camps

There are major players in the industry who exclusively work with a select group of artists, limiting opportunities for other stars. Hiba is an actress who works consecutively on all three major channels, and she is not affiliated with any particular camp. She has also seized some excellent opportunities that other actresses passed on.

Hiba Bukhari has replaced Durefishan Saleem in Jhok Sarkar, and now she has replaced Syra Yousuf in Radd. Both dramas have significantly contributed to Hiba’s career, demonstrating her ability to seize every good opportunity.

Hiba Bukhari Fame, Success & Popularity - What's The Secret

Closing Thoughts

Hiba Bukhari’s remarkable ascent to stardom is a testament to her unwavering dedication, consistent efforts, and remarkable project selection. Her phenomenal success serves as an inspiration, proving that even individuals from such backgrounds can thrive in the competitive world of acting.

What are your thoughts on Hiba’s extraordinary journey to stardom?

Pakeeza Dar