Another Funky Song for all the fans of Ali Azmat!

CornettoPopRock has released the much awaited Ali Azmat music video, “Mein.” The video showcases the life of a rock star (Ali Azmat) shot by a rock star (Ali Azmat). This one of a kind video is set to revolutionize cinematography in Pakistan. Brilliant shot and Directed by Amaan Ahmed from Uncut Studios. CornettoPopRock is a music platform created byBB Events & PR and Empact Activations.

ali 0

Hasan Rizvi, CEO of BB events and PR said, “This is my all-time favorite video! Although it started as an experiment and it took much longer than expected, the result speak for itself. Ali Azmat’s sportsmanship during this video made me an even bigger fan!”

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Ali Azmat also shared his views regarding the video of Mein, “this is our second song for CornettoPopRock, besides the concerts we had in Karachi, and Lahore and Islamabad. Amaan is a great guy and is very talented. It was great going around with a camera on my head and shooting my daily routine. From riding the bicycle, hiking on mountains, jumping in the sea, and all other fun things. It’s all very exciting.”

Enjoy the video of the song