Aqiqah Pictures of Aiman Khan & Muneeb Butt Daughter Amal Muneeb

So finally the Aqiqa pictures of beautiful angel Amal Muneeb are out. Last night, Aiman and Muneeb had an aqiqa ceremony of their beloved daughter where all the friends, family and co-stars were invited. 

Aima looked gorgeous in black while Minal looked decent in a green dress. All their friends were there with cute little presents for Amal. Iqra Aziz, Erum Ali, Sara Ali and many other celebrities were spotted at the event. Now we are waiting for pictures of star of the night Amal Muneeb. 

Here are some pictures of Aiman and Minal from last night’s Aqiqa ceremony. Check it out. 

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a2 3

a1 2

Aqiqah Aiman Amal 1

Aqiqah Aiman Amal 2

Aqiqah Aiman Amal 3

Aqiqah Aiman Amal 4

Aqiqah Aiman Amal 6

Aqiqah Aiman Amal 7

Aqiqah Aiman Amal 8

Aqiqah Aiman Amal 5

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