Ye Dil Mera Story Review Episode 25 – The Reactions

Ohkay so, this was a slower episode of Ye Dil Mera. As much as I do understand that not every episode can be happening but this one definitely had me checking out how much time was left for the episode to end because it seemed a little too slow with repetitive conversations pretty much. All the things they covered in this episode were definitely necessary but it lacked the impact & the eagerness that Meer Farooq should’ve shown after he started learning more about Amaanullah. All the reactions seemed subdued, however the only actor that stayed true to the essence of his character was Ahad Raza Mir.

The Reactions

Meer Farooq found out more about Amaan. It is worth noting that all the details that he should’ve found out about Amaan before he handed over his daughter to a complete stranger were now coming to his notice. However, it does happen, people do make mistakes but considering that Meer Farooq was such a possessive father, this kind of relaxation from him does not make much sense. The writer should have added a little more detailing & depth in this situation because she took a lot of time in establishing what Ana meant to Meer Farooq. Even after Ana’s marriage, Meer Farooq distanced himself & the entire father daughter relationship that used to be so strong went down to the drain.

Ana decided to go to Daryabagh to prove to Amaan that her father is innocent? I really didn’t understand Ana’s plan right from the beginning & when I saw her locking & isolating herself in a room made me question her even more. How exactly is Ana going to prove her father’s innocence sitting in the woods & what exactly is she going to do to find the missing pieces of the puzzle? While watching this episode, it also made me wonder why have Ana’s dreams stopped recurring? That used to be a very important part of her life which also shaped her personality, so it would’ve been much better if the writer had shown it sporadically as the story progressed because Ana did find solace in Amaan, but after she got married, he didn’t turn out to be as ideal as she imagined him to be, so she had all the more reasons to be scared & get triggered.

Ye Dil Mera Story Review Episode 25 - The Reactions

Amaan openly threatened Meer Farooq, however the entire scene made me wonder about the time difference between Islamabad & Daryabagh because when it was dark probably past 8PM in Daryabagh, it was a bright sunny day in Islamabad & that time of the hour where Meer Farooq actually tried to get in touch with the police to seek help in finding Ana. I am sure they are saving it for the last but why hasn’t Meer Farooq been able to connect the dots & why hasn’t Amaanullah’s full name rang the bell for him just yet? Also, Meer Farooq must’ve heard from Ana about her visit to Daryabagh, so why didn’t it ring the alarm for Meer Farooq? The execution & the progress of the story has become a little slow with a bit of loose ends which definitely need some tying up at this stage.

Amaan continued to show his affection for Ana. It’s true that all the emotions & feelings that Amaan felt for Ana were true & heartfelt. He didn’t want to, but he actually fell in love with her but he is also faced with a difficult situation where despite wanting to, he can not make Ana believe the fact that he genuinely loved her. For Ana, it is obviously not going to be easy to put his allegations aside & see his honesty & sincerity but maybe after she will learn the truth about Meer Farooq, she will be able to see him for who he is & will understand that Amaan had his reasons!

Next Episode Please

This episode of Ye Dil Mera was slow. The preview seemed interesting but it still feels there are going to be a few more repetitive conversations. Ana might start picking up the pieces, but I wonder now when Amaan has told her the biggest secret about her father, why is he not helping her in recalling those memories. In the previous episode, he did speak about being friends with her in childhood but all the things he said prior were enough to rattle her & she obviously must not be paying attention, therefore Amaan should help Ana in connecting the dots. On a side note, I wonder how many conversations of Ana & Amaan have revolved around Amaan offering Ana food & telling her to have breakfast, lunch & dinner. Yes, they have used it to show how considerate he always is, but there are a lot more things which they could’ve used to show him as a doting husband. All the conversations related to food & meals have now starting to seem very repetitive & I am sure every episode has at least a couple of conversations related to this subject! Anyways, Ahad Raza Mir’s performance was brilliant throughout the episode, however Adnan Siddique could’ve done better. He has put in a lot of effort for sure, but the energy required to portray the emotions of Meer Farooq seems to be missing. Paras Masroor on the other hand has done a good job as a concerned Ali Baksh. I totally understand that many viewers must’ve felt differently about this episode & it may have worked for them, which is perfectly fine. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ye Dil Mera.

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  • Totally agree with you zahra. All these questions came in my mind too. Okay chalo MF was blinded by Aina’s love an all tou i can still overlook that. Remember Aman told Aina that she shouldn’t tell her father about dariya bagh? But Ainas character has been kind of confusing! She hids alott of stuff from her father everr since she got married! And I dont get her plan! What is she trying to do and why isn’t she contacting her father ! Doesn’t she know how worried he would be? Let’s see what happens in the next episode. The performances were very convincing and I loved the confession scene too. Also that scene where Aman taunts MF was hilarious loll. Butt I also noticed that it seemed like shaam/raat in darya bagh and subah in Islamabad. Hoping the next epi makes more sense

    • Thank you so much Fatima. Yes, Ahad’s performance in that scene was brilliant. I also enjoy everytime he teases & taunts Meer Farooq, because he has all the confidence he needed to face his enemy. Ana’s character has yet to show the growth that the viewers are waiting for. The first thing she should’ve done is talk to her father, even if she decided to stay with Amaan, she should’ve called her father to understand why Amaan was putting all these allegations on Meer Farooq.

  • The episode was nice. Is it not that in case of murder the evidence should be given by the one who blames. Aina instead of asking for saboot is going to prove innocense. I think Adnan portrayed the helplessness very aptly. But ARM’s portrayl of torn between love and revenge is immaculate. Seeing him heart broken you want to console him. Aina at the moment is a confused character. The flow of her character is broken. Though acting wise sajjal did a good job, but it is not etched out precisely. I agree that her panic attacks have subsided all of a sudden

    • Good to read your insights. Yes, absolutely, Sajal has acted brilliantly but like you mentioned, the flow of her character is making it hard to understand or feel for Ana. On the other hand, Ahad Raha Mir has helped so much in feeling all sorts of emotions for Amaan’s character because the viewers can clearly understand what he is going through. Adnan Siddique should’ve put in a bit more energy in his portrayal though, he is an experienced actor. :)

  • I agree with everything you have said. While Ahsan Talish directs some scenes really well, you can’t ignore the silly mistakes. Darya Baagh kisi aur mulk main hai jo wahan raat aur Meer Farooq kay ghar din hai…. BhaeeWaaah
    Although the performances were good, a lot of dialogues very repetitive, especially Ali Bakhsh’s. Sahib aap tension na len, Saahib woh hamari soch sey zyada chalak hai, Sahib hamaein baby ko dhoondnay kay ilawa Amaan kay baaray main maloomat leni chahiyen, Sahib yaayy, Saahib Wooh.
    Aina ki sui bhi main apnay agha jaan ko innocent prove karun gi par atki hui thi. 𝓐𝓲𝓭𝓲 𝓽𝓾𝓷 𝓢𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓵𝓸𝓬𝓴 𝓗𝓸𝓵𝓶𝓮𝓼. Is ko pata kaya hai kisi baat ka jo Darya Bagh main innocence prove karay gi? Saboot asmaan sey naazil hon gey Darya Bagh aa kay?
    They need to speed it up a bit. Wesay I think By the time Meer Farooq will realize who Amaan is, Aina ko sab pata chal chuka ho ga. Meer Farooq will come to Darya Bagh and Kill Amaan, not knowing that Aina knows the truth, and Aina will not forgive Farooq and leave him for good with Bua g. And I think that Amaan’s friend will somehow lead Farooq to him. There were a lot of hints reagarding this in today’s episode when he comes to visit Amaan.

    • Thank you PP for sharing your insights. Yes, the dialogues have been very repetitive. Ana’s stance of going to Daryabagh seems amusing because she has no clue what she is going to do, yet she claims she isg going to prove her father innocent. Ana has repeated the dialogue thrice & looks like she won’t stop in the next episode as well.

  • One more thing that keeps bothering me, they say father’s name at Nikkah. So did ‘Amanullah wald Obaidullah’ not ring any bell for Meer Farooq/Ali Bakhsh?

  • Last 3-4 lines of your review reflect my situation. I enjoyed the episode quite a lot. Mainly because of the performances I believe esp ARM’s. My favorite scene has to be the one where amaan calls MF from daryabagh
    However, more than the loose ends in the story( which I’m ready to let go off atm) I was genuinely irritated by the repetitive dialogues of MF and Ali baksh. Looked like writer ran out new lines. We all know Amaan is a smart guy. Stop telling us again and again.
    You might think of me as some foolish romance fan but honestly I thought I clearly needed some clarity on whether amaan really loves ana or not. I’m glad they clarified.
    You are right, though the episode worked for me but there wasn’t much development in plot. I hope there is some development in next episode.
    Also, going by the teasers aina’s nightmares would return soon. I have an opinion ( maybe wrong) that aina had nightmares whenever she got terrified. With amaan she was never terrified. Now, when she does not consider amaan her protector anymore her fears would overpower her and nightmares would return. For now, It’s been just a day or two she has gotten to know the truth.
    Having said that, I totally agree with you on performances. Adnan Siddiqui wasn’t very convincing. However, the younger lot made up for it pretty much.

    • I’m no psychology major so I wouldn’t know, but Aina would get triggered from something similar to her past if iam not wrong. Like seeing movies. Plus maybe being around with bua and Ali Buksh reminded her of her past. But maybe. Patanahi lol

      • Exactly my point. I have had some interaction with patients in psychiatry ward. That made me come up with this.

    • Thank you so much Javeria for reading the review & also for sharing your perspective & insight. I am glad this episode worked for you. Ahad Raza Mir’s performance was definitely the best part & yes, that phone call was quite interesting.

      I think it has been pretty clear that Amaan was always in love with Ana & as much as he tried not to fall in love with her, he couldn’t help it because like he said, he knew she was innocent & had nothing to do with what Meer Farooq did. He also has a soft corner for her may be because he knows that she lost mother because of Meer Farooq too. Yes, I do believe Ana’s nightmares should’ve been shown every now & then because Amaan did give her a hard time. Adnan Siddique should’ve given more energy & shown more emotion to make his performance realistic. Let’s see what do they have in store for us next week. :)

  • Thank you for your review. Other than Ana not believing Aman, I really dont understand her other actions. They should explained her part more. The time difference could have been avoided.
    I really liked how clever Mir Farooq was all puzzled up and it happens. U are right, they should show some depth regarding Mir Farriq’s haste decision in past and his limited connectivity with Ana after her marriage. I think Farooq is not aware of Aman’s name, he always heard his pet name Mani. Since Aman was a kid, Mir Farooq must have considered him insignificant back then and now he does not have even slight of doubt that Mani is alive and Aman is Mani.
    The biggest secret is yet to be disclosed-Ana’s mother’s death and Ana’s perspective.
    Ahad was brilliant throughout, but particular in scene when he was described Dariyabagh.

    • Thank you so much Pakistani. Yes, what you said about Meer Farooq not knowing about Mani being Amaanullah does seem like a reasonable justification but then during the Nikkah, Amanullah wald Obaidullah should’ve been a hint for him, considering he must at least remember the man he killed who was also named Obaidullah. But yes, this is how the story has evolved & as much as we try to make sense out of it, the writer left the loose ends to progress the story. Ahad Raza Mir has given a 100% to this character. This drama needed such a performance to engage the viewers.

  • Well well well…. As much as I was excited about this episode, it highly disappointed me… I thought it is the time where we will be seeing how Ana will be discovering the scene but I think it was a filler episode to reach at 30 episode mark I think… Not a single scene had anything special… Why khala’s character is not getting the focus, she was so eager to find the truth, where is she now… And yes I also had this question that why meer farooq didn’t research about aman before marriage, but I think it’s because amaan had built his image already and due to ghori’s relation and all he was satisfied… Maybe… But its not much clear… On the other hand the preview suggested something developing.. Lets see… BTW if ana was talking about darya bagh to her father on call then he would get to know about their wherabouts… Isnt it? Let’s see what’s coming up… BTW you have written a very well review as usual… And in case you didnt recognise me I am an old reader.. Commented after a long time… Quarantine days me free hogaye na bilkul….

    • Thank you so much Narsalan. Yes, I remember you & in fact when I saw your name, I was glad that you decided to comment after a long time. :) Hope things are good at your end. Thank you so much for reading & liking the review. :)

      Yes, this one definitely was a filler episode with a few scenes making sense & the others were just filled with repetitive conversations & dialogues. I am also hoping that in the next episode, they do develop some story with Ana remembering some part of her childhood spent in Daryabagh. Meer Farooq was definitely satisfied that is why he agreed to get Ana married to Amaan, however seeing him distancing himself from his only child was so unlike him.

  • امان جس ملک کی پراکسی استعمال کر رہا تھا کال کیلئے شاید اسی ملک کا ٹائیم دکھانا بہتر سمجھا محترم احسن پالش نے۔ مطلب کچھہ بھی۔

    اینا نے فضول میں اپنے ننھے سے دماغ کو آزمائش میں ڈال دیا جبکہ اسے سمجھ کچھ آنا نہیں جب تک ‘بوا’ میدان میں نہ آجائیں۔ پہلے جو گئی تھی اس کا کیا فائدہ ہوا؟ اگلی قسط شاید کچھ انٹریسٹنگ ہو۔

    اینا کی خالا کا بھی انتظار ہے۔

    زبردست رویو۔

    • Thank you so much Urs. Jee, lagta hai timezone ki justification yehi hogi. I think bohat acha hota aggar Ana Daryabagh janay ke bajaye Islamabad mai apne Abba Jaan ke ghar jati aur wahan talashi leti. Jaisay Amaan ke ghar mai usay har raaz ke jawab mil jaye waisay hi wahan bhi kuch mil jata. Aur Ana ko Khala aur Bua ko call karni chahiye thi sab se pehle. Daryabagh mai connection ka bhi to issue hoga. 😅

  • Thank you for reading the reviews Hassan. When the story progresses, the opinions change too. I didn’t want to be too quick to judge because all along I thought the writer & director will have the justification for such behaviors of all the characters. I didn’t defend anything but yes, I didn’t see it as a huge issue too because I believed in giving benefit of doubt. If I had criticised it right from the beginning, people would’ve called me harsh. Now when at this stage of the story I feel they should be handing out the justifications, I am being labelled as impatient?

    I’ll just leave it at that by saying that opinions change. For me the previous 2 episodes worked & this one didn’t. We’re all free to share our ever-changing opinions about the drama.

  • I think you missed the scene in previous episodes where Amaan tells Anna to not talk with her father about their visit to Daryabagh.
    I actually felt that this episode passed quickly. I didn’t even realized how time passed.
    Well i think it depends on our mood at time of watching any episode.

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