Are We Getting Too Conscious!?!

Well during my stay in Pakistan lately I got a chance to surf the unlimited Pakistani channels all day long, I couldn’t help noticing what sort of ‘information’ & ‘education’ our shows are providing us. Be it a morning show or off-peak time shows, all I could get hold of was on those silly tips about how one can fake their beauty, how a girl can beautify herself, how to make yourself look beautiful artificially & it was all about beauty – where I must mention, it was all about the external beauty.

Ohkay, I understand that they are trying to make us people aware of what can be done & what things are available in the market but just to focus on girls or ladies that too of a certain social class is by no means healthy. We must not forget that Pakistan also has the urban class too where they don’t even have an access to the basic necessities & there our channels are, preaching on how can one make oneself look beautiful using all the hideous techniques that the so called dermatologists & a few certified skin specialists have brought into Pakistan & making the less fortunate more anxious about the things that are un-necessary & yet not affordable for so many.

I have been noticing this trend from quite some while now that all the ladies who come up on the shows just talk about the makeups, the foundations, a billion sorts of costly products, those evenings & morning make up looks & to add more to the woes the endless promotions of face-lifting techniques, laser procedures on the skins, botox injections & the new craze of ‘filler injections’. They just love to blabber immorally, passing extreme rude comments on the girls or ladies who have some issues with their skins or facial features.

I once got to hear a morning show host, who loves to conduct shows on the makeups (because she has got no better ideas) say in one out of her million sessions on makeup & artificial beauty make a statement saying ‘aggar app Allah ki banai hui surat se khush nahi hain to koi baat nahi app in injections se apne appko aur khoobsurat bana sakte hain’. The moment I heard her, all I could say was ‘Astaghfirullah’. On the same morning show, some renowned makeup artist was trying to tell what sort of a bridal makeup would’ve looked good on the girl who was showing her wedding pictures, but in stead of making a person feel good about what they are, she was just trying to tell how abnormal she looked or how elongated her face is, how ill-shaped her jawline is & how bad her skin was. One comment that caught me off guard was by the host who said ‘oh my she looks like a man on her wedding day’. Sorry to say but just because someone is sharing her personal real-life picture with you, who gives you the right to underestimate her that too on a national television?

I can’t help but wonder that why the media personnel try to see people with a certain criteria of a beauty? Why can’t they understand that all the people are beautiful even if you fail to see throught it. I really can not understand the agenda they are following. Are they really so indulged in this mortal world that they even don’t step back in involving our Creator into these petty stuff they want to sell? I really fail to understand the point where these ladies who have nothing better to do are just trying to make other ladies super conscious about their outer looks. My question is that what has gotten into them? Why can’t they just let people live simply? Is it really important to be all glammed up where as completely forgetting the roots? What’s right as in what has been allowed to us Muslims & what’s not?

Making your whole nation aware about something necessary & good is for sure something everyone should do but addressing a certain class along with making conscious the less fortunate is by every means inhumane. I am sure & I can say that those who come up & flaunt their external beauty on-screens then only have that left with them because they have no insight & nor any morality.

There are a million things in this world which can be talked about. A millions things that can be taught or preached about but all the phone calls that people make on these shows are surprisingly from the remotest areas or under-developed cities of Pakistan & the poor ladies are mostly asking questions about all this stuff because they are being brain-fed again & again & continuously about these things. I really hope to see one such show on Pakistani media which I can say has taught me something good or beneficial. Some show which not only focuses on a certain class of people but addresses the whole nation equally. I hate to see them making us a conscious nation because we’re for sure better off than & without this.

Please feel free to add more as I’d love to hear your take on this issue.

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.


Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.

  • true! This issue really needs serious attention. it is really disgusting to witness these artificial ladies mockering and humiliating people, who are not as artificial as them.
    Agree with each point of yours!
    keep up the good work!

    • Thank you for your feedback Esha. Even I am disgusted by the new idea of fakeness in terms of face-lifts or botox injections. It just ruins everything we've been told as a Muslim because we just can not change what Allah has created, so why spoil it.

  • well done sis very well said …beauty k baray apkay khayalath jaan kar khushi howe.jahan tak make up
    ke baat tu beauty sharm o haya mia hia make up mia nahi…..jahan tak morning show ke baat tu yai pure women programe hotay hia aur hamri girls women en shows yai sab he dekhna chahti hian…

    • Thank you so much for taking your time out to read & give your feedback. I appreciate your own thoughts too. :)

  • very well done Zahra i appreciate ur work nd agree wid u !! another issue is that those people who fall victims of poverty,target killing or some other kind of problemzz…we dont even knw that whether those people are real or fake ..even decent actors like sanam baloch also call these kind of people in her show and spoil them and call these kind of activities as HELP!!!

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