Ariel Pakistan’s latest campaign #WashTheLabel

Ariel Pakistan released their new campaign #WashTheLabel, the campaign asks “Are we too quick to label each other?” The washing powder brand has launched their latest campaign with Sidra Iqbal and Hareem Farooq.

The Dobara Phir se actress Hareem Farooq and the journalist Sidra Iqbal both shared their stories with their fans.
Hareem revealed how she has been a victim of body shaming, Hareem said, “She was always told that she’s too big or too fat to be in the media and especially in front of the camera. She urged, all the woman out there to love their selves.”

Some labels are inbred in our society, and even in media and they are just evil. For the longest time I had people telling me i was too big or too fat to be in the media and especially in front of the camera. After being blessed to have worked with some amazing people and receiving immense love from my fans, who judged me more on my talent than my ‘body’, I realised what was really important. that is your health, mind, heart and soul. the rest is all secondary. I believe every secondary thing becomes beautiful once you’ve sorted the primary ones. Today I just want to reach out to all the people, especially women, who are body-shamed by friends, family, teachers, parents and who are struggling to make their bodies a home for themselves. You are beautiful inside out regardless of what the society wants you to be – just like I am! Learn to love and accept yourself, we all have flaws learn to embrace them and make them you’re strength. Don’t let the society label you to their norms. Let your confidence speak for you. So keep your heart in the right place and walk with your head high because you are God’s creation and whatever he creates is simply beautiful! #WashTheLabel #LoveYourself #stopbodyshaming #stopbodyshamingyourself

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The idea behind Ariel’s campaign is quite simple: “We often stain characters by applying labels without understanding,” and it aims to eliminate it.

Rimsha Butt

Rimsha Butt