Pakistani cinema owners to lift the ban on Indian Films

Post the India Pakistan conflict, media associations of both countries decided to ban each other’s content. India banned Pakistani artists and dramas where as, Pakistani cinema owners imposed ban on Bollywood films. However, Pakistani cinema owners are now all set to lift the ban on Indian films.

In conversation with The Express Tribune on Saturday, Chairman Film Exhibitors Association Zoraiz Lashari confirmed that cinema owners would begin screening Indian films across Pakistan from December 19 (Monday). “Cinema business has been hit immensely and all stakeholders felt it was the right time to begin screening Indian films. It was always a self imposed suspension, not a ban. So I’ll be releasing Freaky Ali in our cinemas and other cinema owners will follow suit,” said Lashari

“A big media group and film exhibitors/distributors in India are trying to release Dungal in Pakistan. They are testing public sentiments and also the government’s reaction by releasing Freaky Ali at CineStar cinema,” he added.

He went on to add how stakeholders in India were also being hit by the move by the self-imposed ban. “We will first test waters with these unreleased films and then begin negotiations with Indian distributors to continue the import of movies into Pakistan,” he added.

Mahira Khan’s fans can rejoice now since ‘Raees’ will be releasing in Pakistan on January 25, 2017 but is it really a good idea to release Bollywood films when India is still going strong with the ban imposed on Pakistani artists?

Rimsha Butt

Rimsha Butt