Armeena Khan Distributes Donations Among Syrians

Muslims all over the world are a nation and it is the nation’s responsibility to look after each other. Islam is a religion of peace and encourages all its followers to help the ones in need and stand for those who are being wronged. Many of our celebrities work for the underprivileged and use their celebrity status to do good in the world. Our Syrian brethren are going through the most difficult of times. With taking refuge in different countries they are in pain and homeless.

Among many celebs who have taken up the initiative to help them, one is our very own Armeena Rana Khan. Armeena has been raising funds for the Syrians for quite some time now. The actress went to distribute donations on her own and also visited the area to understand the situation on her own. She shared the moments on her Instagram. Here have a look:


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Armeena is doing a great job and we hope more and more people join her in this venture and do the greater good!

Pakeeza Dar