Armeena Khan Raises Her Voice Against Domestic Abuse

Armeena Khan is a Canadian born Pakistani actor who is known for a pretty face. She has received a Lux Style Award, a Hum Award, and a Nigar  Award Nomination.

Armeena Khan Raises Her Voice Against Domestic Abuse 1She has featured in two most highest-grossing Pakistani films, one is a romantic comedy film, Janaan and the other is Yalghaar.

Armeena Khan Raises Her Voice Against Domestic Abuse 3She has been named by Eastern Eye among the “50 Sexiest Asian Women” in 2016.  In the following year, she was awarded the Women Empowerment Award by the Pakistan Achievement Award.

Armeena Khan Raises Her Voice Against Domestic Abuse 4Armeena has always been vocal about social issues. She raises her voice against social evils. Recently, she shared a case of early child marriage and domestic abuse.

Armeena Khan Raises Her Voice Against Domestic Abuse 5She questioned, “What do you do for a kid (only 18) who was married off (as is her family’s custom) and is now suffering domestic abuse?”

She shared her feelings and said, “I can only listen in dismay as she cries to me that nobody in her family helps. How many young girls are to be sacrificed like this? My heart is heavy today.”


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  • I agree that there should be strict laws, but people find ways to manipulate the laws and there are a lot of loopholes in the system itself and abusers find ways to use it in there favor. I personally have dealt with domestic violence myself during my short marriage of 2 yrs and I live in USA. My abuser meaning now my ex-husband used the law and court system to get away with the evil things he did. Mind you the police was involved, family court and criminal court was involved and I had obtained an order of protection for 3 years for me and my 8 month old daughter. I was told by the police officers that even though I was abused and hit multiple times by my husband and his brother and my daughter was almost hurt also during the incident, I was told by the cops that since I have no blood, cuts, broken bones, there is nothing much they can do beside do a report and I should live with my husband as nothing has happened. The police was able to see the marks on my face and my body but they did not do anything to protect me and my 8 month old daughter. Even though I had an order of protection against my husband and my brother-in-law, they still harass me until today and it has been over 7 yrs since we have been divorced.

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