Arshad Khan’s Latest ‘Wet Look’ Potoshoot Is Too Hot!

It was one fine day, when a picture of a guy brewing tea went viral. Thanks to the photographer Jiah Ali, who gave Arshad an opportunity to rise and explore himself. Arshad Khan has been getting fame since the very first moment, people not just in Pakistani but whole Asia went gaga over his looks. He was hired as a model, went on to do music videos and has signed a film too, and the recent one is a photoshoot. Famous photographer Azeem Sani recently had Arshad pose for a ‘wet look’ photoshoot.

In conversation with the Images, Azeem said, “When I told him that we’ll be shooting in the pool, he was cool about it. He said, ‘The water will be cold, but I’ll do it.’ I think wo shalwar kameez pehen pehen ke bore ho gia tha (he was bored of doing shalwar kameez shoots) and wanted to do something different. I shot him for five to 10 minutes in the water and uss ne mujhay tang nahi kia (he didn’t cause any problems).”

Still, Azeem thinks Arshad has a long way to go.

“The problem right now is that he’s very desi. He has a totally plain look and until someone gives him a proper haircut and wardrobe, he can’t be transformed. And he’s not easy at all to work with. I had to tell him everything, but he was listening to and understanding what I was saying, so that’s good.”

Photographer/stylist Azeem Sani weighs in on Arshad Khan’s potential, “As people like him and respond to him, Arshad’s getting more and more energy. He’ll do better with practice.”

“I see him doing better in commercials as opposed to modelling. He looks better chalta phirta (while moving). He has great hair, great skin. Shampoo, soap commercials can totally be his thing, even if starts with a small brand.”

“He’s only 17 years old, I want to see what he’s doing five years down. As people like him and respond to him, he’s getting more and more energy. He’ll do better with practice.”

“Yeah, he’s probably 17. You can tell from his body, it’s like a child’s,” he concluded.

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Arshad Khan's Latest 'Wet Look' Potoshoot Is Too Hot!

Rimsha Butt

Rimsha Butt