Sang e Marmar Episode 18 Review – Calm Before The Storm!

OMG! This is for the preview of the next episode that I just saw but I will get back to that later. Yes, I will say that this episode was a bit on the slower side but after seeing the precap, I now understand why because this was probably the calm before the storm. Even though nothing substantial happened in the beginning of the episode, it ended at such a note where things were built up properly & throughout the episode, a few things were covered as well. I will however say that I had a good time watching this episode of Sang e Marmar because the moment you tune to this drama, it is guaranteed that you are going to take something with you when it will end & that’s all that matters & that’s all what a drama should do!

So, Gulistan not only wants to see Safiullah’s children but he wants Sherbano & Torah to start a family too. Gulistan has seen how over the years, Sherbano has become bitter & he knows that the reason behind such a behavior of Sherbano is because she has no purpose in her life, that is why he wants them to have children so that not only Sherbano becomes busy but also because she gets a purpose in life so that she stops meddling into other people’s lives. Gulistan knows that he can directly or indirectly never convey this message to Sherbano because she just isn’t the one who’d pay heed to his advice, therefore he chose to speak to Torah in stead. Even though Torah didn’t take it to his heart but everything that Safiullah later said hurt Torah’s ego.

On the surface, people assume a lot of different things about a couple but they actually don’t know what they are going through, that is why everything that Safiullah said to Torah about going to a herbalist only showed how insensitive & incourteous he was because he didn’t even have an idea about the nature of the relationship that Torah & Sherbano share. Safiullah has a lot of pride on himself & he conveniently uses Gullalai as a scapegoat thinking that her ailing health is the reason why they haven’t been able to have a child but on the other hand, Gullalai got a validation that she is perfectly healthy & it is Safiullah who needs some medical assistance. All his life, Torah has been insulted time & again by Gulistan’s entire family, but where he retaliated, he let go of a lot of things too but this time around, Safiullah pushed the wrong buttons & that is why Torah couldn’t take it anymore & chose to push his agenda a little further where he now wants to deprive Gulistan of another moral support that he has & that is Safiullah!

Gullalai was pretty happy with the results of her reports because she got a clarity that she is not the one to be blamed. Even though all the things that she said about Gulistan to her friend were bitter but they were based on the truth & reality. I somehow liked that despite getting to know that the doctor asked Safiullah to take some tests, Gullalai never once blamed her husband for anything & in stead she thought it was a destiny’s play on Gulistan Khan & he & his family was facing all this because of all the atrocities that he has committed all his life. Even though Aurang heard everything but he couldn’t say a word because even he knew that everything that Gullalai said wasn’t a lie & she has suffered a lot, that is why where she was relieved, she was overwhelmed too & deserved a moment to speak her heart out!

Bulbul finally succeeded in escaping the torture cell but I really liked how he trapped Baroo Kaka. I thought may be this time around, Safiullah will get some hints about the fact that Bulbul told everything to Saif ur Rehman because Torah asked him but Torah being intelligent twisted the entire story & turned Saif ur Rehman into the culprit. If in stead of getting hyper or emotional, Safiullah had paid heed to the way Torah reacted & how he grew uncomfortable at what Bulbul was trying to say, he could’ve understood that may be everything was initiated by none other than Torah. Even though I am totally rooting for Torah because he deserves his revenge, but I would hate to see Shireen facing the brunt for it because in order to achieve what he wanted, Torah ended up dragging Shireen’s name & maligned her image a little more, which she most certainly doesn’t deserve. It is actually quite sad to see that despite being innocent, Shireen is held responsible for all the messy situations & what’s even more sad is that she never has an idea about what is transpiring behind her back. I must say, the way Torah twisted the entire story was quite interesting though, he convinced Safiullah into believing that Saif ur Rehman killed Gohar because of Shireen & then sent his wife Pari to get Shireen married to Safiullah, in order to save himself, like I have said before & I will say it again, no one can beat Torah in mind games & intelligence!!!

Hmmmmm, looks like Palwasha embraced Shireen out of immense respect for her & she not only accepted the peacock feather, but she also accepted the fact that Shireen used to love Aurang but has backed out for Palwasha’s sake, that is why after meeting Shireen, Palwasha went straight to Shameem & also ended up voicing her thoughts in front of Sherbano because for the first time she got some sort of boost & had this confidence that nothing can go wrong right now & Sherbano can’t do anything. I thought may be after getting to know about what’s in Shireen’s heart, Palwasha will do some thinking but I guess just because Shireen herself had a closure, Palwasha got a clear passage!

Durkhane is going to get married to Kaleemullah & I still find it amusing that Durkhane’s mother accepted this proposal because she is a 100% sure that Kaleemullah’s mother is going to die anytime soon, like even though I know that it is quite mean, but I find it amusing, lol! Well, Durkhane & Saif ur Rehman’s conversation made me believe that the time has arrived when Saif ur Rehman will finally find out the truth that it was Durkhane who used to meet Gohar & Shireen was innocent, but before it could happen, Baroo Kaka called Saif ur Rehman & Durkhane couldn’t tell him anything. I think by this time even Durkhane was convinced that she should tell Saif ur Rehman everything but just before she could, she lost the opportunity. I think this is something that Durkhane will now regret for the rest of her life because this was probably the last chance that she had where she could clear off her best friend’s name & pay her back for everything that Shireen suffered because of Durkhane’s silly mistakes!

Ohkay so, the preview of the next episode literally left me in shock, poor Saif ur Rehman is going to die & Safiullah will be the one who will kill him. Thanks to Torah & his planning that now Shireen will end up suffering even more because where Safiullah might approach her to fulfill the promise he made to himself, he will always mistreat her & will look at her with a lot of hatred & detest. Safiullah promised that he won’t treat Shireen as his wife till he gets a chance to kill Saif ur Rehman & now sadly, Shireen is going to suffer a lot more. Even though I know Torah is the one who was the main reason behind Gohar’s death & I feel bad for Saif ur Rehman, I also feel that when it comes to Shireen, Pari is solely responsible for her plight. I just feel so bad for Saif ur Rehman but I want to see if his death will put things into perspective for Pari because what she did with Shireen & the way she fooled her husband into believing her version of the story based on white lies was something that she should actually face the punishment for.

Well well well, I just loveee the way the story has unfolded till date, where despite being distanced, every single one of them is linked through one thing or another. Gohar’s death was a result of Torah’s planning but Shireen’s misfortune was a result of Pari’s planning which she did using the entire scenario to her advantage. I can’t wait to see how the dynamics will change now & what life has in store for Shireen especially. I don’t know why even though I know I will end up feeling bad for Gullalai, but I wish something happens to Safiullah because that way may be Aurang & Shireen will get to be together. Sigh! Wishful thinking on my part I know! Anyways, this episode surely belonged to Omair Rana & Masroor Paras, I thoroughly enjoyed all the conversations that they had, it is actually quite amusing that a man of Safiullah’s stature & persona can be so easily manipulated & fooled by a very harmless looking Torah Khan. Sharmeen Kashif’s acting has improved a lot over the episodes & I liked her performance in the scene where Palwasha for the first time retaliates in front Sherbano. All the actors have done a brilliant job, the editing & direction of this drama has always been on-fleek. I thank the writer for coming up such a brilliant story & giving us something completely different & totally engaging. Thank you Team Sang e Marmar once again. Please share your thoughts about this very interesting episode of Sang e Marmar!

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