Arth Teaser Released!

Shaan Shahid is the biggest star in the industry. Whenever one hears Shaan’s movie is coming out the image that forms in our heads is definitely of a high class action movie with blood splattering on camera and people dying left and right. But here you are going to have atreat soon because Shaan will be seen in a romantic drama Arth 2 which is one of the most anticipated films this year. You have seen the posters and if they were not alone enough to blow your minds here is a teaser of the movie. Enjoy the walk:

Arth – The Destination First Teaser

Decisions Determine Destiny. See the first teaser for Arth – The Destination now!#Arth #ArthTheDestination #Arthlogoteaser #HKCEntertainment #Cinestar #5thElement #shaanshahid #uzmahassan #humaimamalick #mohibmirza

Публикувахте от Arth – The Destination в Събота, 8 юли 2017 г.

We are definitely looking forward to the trailer launch and one thing is for sure that the music will be awesome f we go by the trailer.

Pakeeza Dar