Artists Who Need a Makeover!!

 Pakistani entertainment industry is full of talented personalities that have won millions of hearts through the versatile performances and contributions. Pakistani youngsters have started following the native channels idealizing the people and wanting to be like them. These celebrities pose a negative icon to the people round the globe when they are misfit in terms of height, facial freshness, weight, and experience wardrobe malfunctioning. Influence of some of the style icons is under great threat as the following celebrities definitely require an urgent makeover. This includes Saima, Omer Sharif, Fahad Mustafa, Meera, Resham, Zaalay Sarhadi, Nirma, Amina Haq, Tehmina Khalid, Farah Hussain and etc.


Saima is an actress who is almost forty-five years old now and her bulky body does not seem appropriate for the groovy dance numbers that are choreographed in the Punjabi movies of our country. Also there is a dire need for Saima to shift towards accepting roles of elder aged characters rather than playing gaon-ki-gori still. Her interviews are an ear sore because of her poor English and she really does need to work upon this.


Resham is another actress who is beautiful and talented both but she has gained weight over the past years and her attires look shabby. Even her skin tone needs treatment. People do not like to see their favourite celebrities in inappropriate attires or in tousled appearance. Immediate attention should be taken by Resham towards her weight and wardrobes.


Omer Sharif seems to be gaining weight and his skin has started lagging from his bones. He doesn’t seem presentable no matter how top geared the wardrobe is designed for him. His language is against our ethical values which poses a bad impact on the youth of Pakistan.


An actress with tremendous talent yet her voice and facial expressions are a huge turn off. Nimra Bucha needs skin up lifting as she looks awfully old than her character age she depicts. It spoils the entertainment. Her make up needs to be done appropriately as her dark circles are ever visible and they are an eye sore. 


We all are well aware what major turn off Meera’s name brings to our minds. Her inappropriate wardrobe and conspiracies added with her weak English linguistics has made name famous but her makeover is necessary for her career if she wants to continue making money. Meera also needs a makeover for her hairstyles which are often out of order.

We Pakistanis always expect the best out of our celebrities who are the source of presenting our country to the world. Mostly the dress codes and body language of our celebrities are overlooked by them as the concentrate more over their looks and face. Fashion is sometimes followed blindly which spoils the dignity of the persona of a celebrity. Audiences must also be a little easy on the celebrities and let them have a space of their own. Live and let live!


Best Wishes,

Nida Zaidi


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • @Nida : who are you to judge them?. what are your credentials? are you perfect.?.. have your ever proof read your articles?? with all the issues you mentioned above for each artist, they have one thing which we lack, that theyall are very talented people and earned their names in their respective field. The biggest problem facing our country is poeple use blogging a tool to pour their negativity into a controversial article and see all the hits. Please find some positive things to write about them as Omer Shareef no matter how much is his skin lags is still the legend and his jokes are not that unethical, every heard of stand up comedian..he's a master of all. Meera does not need to know English as we do not expect Angelina Jolie to speake fluently in Urdu and even if she does speak a word or so we all become so happy an d appreciative, do the same for your own actress too, Resham, Saima, and Nimra Bucha are one fine actresses, give them any character and they will nail it. Pakistani audience deos not want their celebrities to be perfect and airbrush,and surgically beautiful. Pakistani audience want their artist to be the master of their profession.

  • I don't agree for Zaalay Sarhadi needs any kind of makeover, she is perfect and she is talented. We like her the way she is.

  • How about Mahnoor Baloch who wears Hello Kitty Ts and plays Tooba Siddiqui’s classmate? Its not always about beauty and English. Its equally desirable for all be it Saima be it Mahnoor, to act according to their age rather than living in self denial.

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