Arz E Pakistan Reintroduces Pakistan In The Most Beautiful Way

Find My Adventure is a Pakistani marketplace for tourists. It plans and organizes adventures around the exotic but less travelled areas of Pakistan.

They have now released a video called Arz e Pakistan, which is produced in collaboration with Family Films which is a brilliant broadcasting and media production company of Karachi. In the spirit of 70 years of indepence, these two have filmed the most beautiful glimpses form the country and complied them in one video. They take you down the valleys of Skardu and Sawat, and through rivers and mountains, in the spirit of re introducing Pakistan to the world. They say, ”sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need”.

Arz-e-Pakistan | Re-introducing Pakistan to the World

Arz-e-Pakistan | Re-introducing Pakistan to the WorldJoin us as we embark on an incredible journey of discovery to celebrate 70 Years of Independence with the rest of Pakistan!Because sometimes, a fresh perspective is all you need. Production Credits: Family Films

Публикувахте от FindMyAdventure в Събота, 12 август 2017 г.


Mehwish Mansoor