Actor, Activist, Feminist – Hamza Ali Abbasi Speaks About Himself

Hamza Ali Abbasi is a class in himself. Among the dapper heroes of Pakistan, doing things from surgeries to hair transplants to body building to dancing like teenagers in order to look younger than themselves, in walks one man clad in black shalwar kameez, talking about topics wiser than his years and much more serious than showbiz.

He has a a strength about him, a fearlessness with which he voices his opinion and yet a vulnerability that becomes evident when he receives the predictable backlash that he knowingly sets himself up. Majority of people in this world prefer to say neutral and diplomatic, especially when they are in the public eye, but not Hamza Ali Abbasi. He speaks his mind where he knows will cost him the most. These qualities make him an enigma in his own person. Everyone wants to get to know him more and understand what makes him who he is, so when we read an interview he has given to The News on Sunday, a couple of days back, we just had to bring the excerpts here.

Actor, Activist, Feminist - Hamza Ali Abbasi Speaks About Himself

We have all heard Hamza Ali Abbasi speak about the world, this country, its politicians and his undying loyalty for Imran Khan, but this interview was special because for the first time, he spoke in detail about his own self. Candid, honest and brutally truthful, Hamza tells that he was not always like this. He understands that people call him a hypocrite for criticising item songs, while he was the part of such he of scenes a few years ago. He admits to being a party animal, to being a womaniser and to being wild. So what brought about the change. For Hamza, it was the death of his father. The grievance made him so conscious about what he does with his life now. He spoke from the heart that death of a parent changes you, and he is so right. When someone so close to you leaves this world, all the sensitive souls turn back and reflect on their lifestyle choices. It also makes you fearless, like it did with Hamza. He has got nothing to gain and nothing to lose from being fake anymore. So he admits his flaws openly and even the fact that he is no saint even now. He said in the interview that he is slowly rectifying his faults but does not want to stop voicing his opinions because of people who call him a hypocrite.

He confided that brands approach him and request him to stop making political statement and appearing at such gatherings, so he can endorse them. As for Hamza,  nothing means as much as the ability to be able to speak up for your beliefs. So, he refuses those brands. He believes what he is doing is right and that is all that matters to him. With a devil may care attitude, Hamza emphasises that he will continue to point out the flaws of the system. He believes in fulfilling his social and moral obligation to his people alongwith providing entertainment.

Actor, Activist, Feminist - Hamza Ali Abbasi Speaks About Himself

Talking of feminism and his statements on item numbers, Hamza sticks to his stance. He believes that they are just their to objectify a woman by showing men admiring their looks and moves. He gives examples that Bollywood blockbusters like Dangal, PK, Bajrangi Bhaijan, none had any item songs, so he proved his point that they are not needed for the movie to make a mark. He said that his mother is a criminal lawyer and his sister a dermatologist, so he comes from a family of achieving women and does not like to see women reduced to doing item numbers for movies.

In his own words, ““People love porn and it sells more than anything but does that make it right? Where do we make a distinction? We say porn is not okay, but if a woman is saying ‘mein supari hoon, chaba ley mujhe’ that’s okay? I think it’s a genre of porn”.

His choice of movies is now Parwaz Hai Junoon and Maula Jutt because they have to offer something new. He said he wanted to be part of the Air Force movie, because they make movies rarely, unlike the ISPR. On a humorous note, he added that he has had to shave due to being casted opposite Hania Amir and he didn’t want to look like her chacha. However, when she came dressed and made up, it made her look older so the difference evened out.

On a concluding note, he added that he has no intention of becoming a politician. He just wants to influence people by sticking to what he believe is right, and for that it does not matter to him who is against his opinion.  He said he does not count lost films, media projects and brand endorsements because he has faith in God, and in his opinion that alone is enough to keep a person happy and content in any situation.


Mehwish Mansoor