Asim Azhar comes clean about the shoe controversy

A video that recently went viral on social media showed the singer cum actor Asim Azhar, a youth sensation, was hurled a shoe at during his concert in Gujranwala, Punjab.

The video that went viral showed a shoe flying towards Azhar but missing him by inches and hitting his guitarist instead. However, nothing was actually clear in the video and one couldn’t really make out what had been thrown at the artists.

Following the incident which took social media by a storm and the troll brigade went to work, Asim Azhar recently uploaded a video clarifying the incident and explaining what had exactly happened.

The video shows a mock performance where something is hurled at Asim as he performs and a fake reporter rushes in as soon as it lands. While Asim realizes its a cap that looked like a shoe, the fake reporter creates sensational news about Asim being hit by a shoe during a concert.


The singer cum actor then clarifies that what landed on him during his performance was a cap that looked like a shoe and nothing else. He further showed his fans the evidence as well and told how the team collected the items that were left after the performances either on the stage or at the venue. Asim called out his fans to look into the matters before jumping to conclusions.

“Hurl the shoe at the person spreading the fake news. However, it wasn’t a shoe that landed on me this time. And even if it had been, fans make us so they have a right to complain as well,” Asim positively clarified the controversy.

ifrah salman

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