Atif Aslam Releases 12 Bajay

Who is the real rockstar of Pakistan? Yes, Atif Aslam. Atif Aslam has always mesmerized people all over the world with his ability to make any track peaceful and beautiful. Every time Atif releases a song , it is bound to be on everyone’s playlists. Apart from his immense talent, what makes him a star everyone’s love is his unproblematic nature. Atif has made his career without a ton of controversies and has always made his country proud. 

Atif Aslam Releases 12 Bajay

So, Atif teased his fan by posting a clip of himself before a concert and told them that they are in for a surprise and the surprise was his new song 12 Bajay. 12 Bajay was released on 12 December at 12 pm. Like every piece he sings, 12 Bajay is also something everyone will be crooning non-stop. Here is what Atif had to ay about 12 Bajay:

Here is a song made purely out of my love for music. The same love that breathed life into my journey. The same love that resonates with all of you beautiful people. I took only that love when I entered sunset sound studio earlier this year and left everything else at the door.. I forgot about all the numbers and the views and all the pressure that comes with it…and just let it all out in the studio. If you can even feel 5% of what I felt while making this, it’s a success.”

Check out 12 Bajay:

12 Bajay is definitely different from usual Atif songs but it is definitely fun!

Pakeeza Dar