Atiqa Odho’s Daughters Are Beautiful

Atiqa Odho ruled the Pakistani drama industry and even the modeling world for many years. She is still seen in dramas but she chooses her project very carefully. Atiqa Odho isn’t just a performer but she is also a successful business woman with her own make-up brand. Atiqa Odho’s make-up brand is not only popular in Pakistan but also around the world. She keeps on adding something new to her business and is therefore seen as a dynamic business woman.

Atiqa Odho has beautiful daughters who look a lot like her when she was young. Atiqa Odho is not just known for her talent but also for her beauty so it does not come as a surprise that her daughters are just as beautiful as she is. Atiqa got married at a very early age and because of that it is difficult to tell that she is the mother. Her daughters look like they are her sisters.

Here are some pictures of Atiqa Odho with her beautiful daughters.