Adnan Siddiqui’s Lovely Daughters

When you are a full time actor, run your own production house and have an active social life then it is not easy giving time to your family. Adnan Siddiqui is one such celebrity who has found that balance and enjoys being a dad to his beautiful children. In a recent post he shared what it felt like to be a father.

Being a Dad is probably the most rewarding thing that has ever happened to me. Just want to let you know how proud I am of you all . You have already given me joys way beyond my deserving. To see you go off in the world and learn, work, play, make friends, fills me with so much confidence in your abilities to be a woman and a man who will have a meaningful life. I am sure that’s what you’re also looking for. Will always be there to encourage you.
With all my love and gratitude for you.

Here are some beautiful pictures of Adnan Siddiqui with his children.